SNP set to lie throughout proposed liar debate

Latest suggested debate wheeze shows that any obfuscation, evasion, deflection, diffusion or distraction is not beyond Scotland’s Firstminster in order to avoid the truth aboot his lies.

The liar’s punishment is, not in the least that he is not believed, but that he cannot believe anyone else.” ― George Bernard Shaw. Wonder how Eck will deal with being told that the Neverendum is lost.

By Bearfaze Lyer

PINOCCHIO SALMOND last night challenged Pinocchio Sturgeon to hold a barefaced debate on barefaced lying – on St Liars Day.

The Firstminster threw down his longnose as he sought to bounce back from his prolonged exposure as a barefaced liar.

And he called on the Deputy Firstminster to square up for a head to head clash – which would decide who was the most audacious barefaced liar in Scotland.

Mr Pinocchio told AdDinnaeKen: “Over the next two years Scotland’s people will be lied to in a manner which makes my barefaced lies look like an economy with the truth.

“That’s why today I’m calling on Pinocchio Sturgeon to tell lies about how many  barefaced  lies she has told herself.

“I’ll be writing to the Deputy Firstminster to agree to a debate with myself on Scotland’s barefaced lying future. It will be a chance for everyone to see just how big, small, devious, unplanned and pointless our lies will be till the Neverendum takes place in 1914.”

The challenge comes after an embarrassing week for Pinocchio Salmond. Rivals lied about his lies concerning his earlier lies over the lies he told to a known liar.

And the latest in a series of damning lies yesterday indicated just 71 per cent of Scots want to separate from lying politicians.

Indy campaigners think a lie-to-lie-in with Sturgeon would do nothing for the Nats which is widely viewed as an improvement on what is happening just now.

The Neverendum is expected to take place on Saturday October 18 2014 – first told to the Scottish Sun by a well known SNP liar.

A senior lying Tartan Tory source Wee Naebudy said: “Pinocchio Salmond should stop lying about stunts and focus on lying to the Scottish people on the fantasies of independence.”

The pro-Union AwInItTheGither campaign, chaired by professional liar Asmodeus Darling said: “Mr Darling is willing to trade lies with Pinocchio Salmond any day of the week.”



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2 responses to “SNP set to lie throughout proposed liar debate

  1. Vharle nicos

    I propose a change in the slogan to “Trews on Fire.”

    • Thankyou Varle

      Find someone to second it first. 🙂 Then we’ll not take legal advice and not tell anyone.

      In terms of the debate I’ll say I did take legal advice. When I’m found out by a BBC Unionist propagandist, you can announce to parliament that we didn’t take legal advice. Then I’ll report myself to my independent pals to see if I breached the Bloggers Code. Totally ludicrous I know, but it’s worked before, so it’ll probably work again.


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