Liar defends liar for being a liar: And that’s the truth

Despite the stushie and despite the accusations and counter accusations flying all over the place, AhDinnaeKen would never call the Firstminster a liar. Oh no! He is a Barefaced Liar. And that’s the Freedom of BBC Information truth.

“I’m not upset that you lied to me, I’m upset that from now on I can’t believe you.” – ― Friedrich Nietzsche. “…the best people to take decisions about Scotland are those who live here.” – Alex Salmond. I believe you Eck.

By Pantson Phire

SCOTLAND’S FIRSTMINSTER yesterday denied that his pants had caught fire.

The denial proved to be highly embarrassing as Firewoman Sturgeon attempted to put out the flames with gasoline.

“There’s nothing to see here.” she said. “Labour are just arson around and trying to impugn the anointed one for cheap political points.

“There is no smoke, there is no fire, there are no pants and even if there were pants they wouldn’t have been on fire because I didn’t take legal advice on Ministerial code pants combustion.”

In a recent first strike YooGuv poll, 75 per cent of Scots said they wouldn’t trust the Firstminster if he told them he was untrustable.

Fatcat ex-banker Pantsonfire Salmond said: “I lie to myself and the sovereign people of Scotland all the time. But I never believe me.”




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4 responses to “Liar defends liar for being a liar: And that’s the truth

  1. Mike61

    Too Too true, and that’s no lie!

    • Thankyou Mike 61

      Reminds me of the old puzzle when you meet two people. One always tells the truth. The other always lies. In this case both are lieing – and that’s the truth.

  2. daftquine

    Sturgeon really is his firewall, isn’t she? Always rolled out in times like these… or maybe on medical advice? Who knows?
    Some say she’s taking the flak as part of her crash course in ridicule resistance for when the time comes and she gets ‘The Big One’. Waddaya reckon? 😀

    • I’ve never liked her. Heard some unsubstantiated rumours about her back in the day which weren’t too nice. I chose to disbelieve them due to the source. I’m not so convinced now. She’s good, but weaker than Eck on so many fronts. Fair play to her on this. It will come back and bite her big time.


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