We’re showing there isn’t such a thing as principle

Scotland remains at risk of everyone being labelled Tory unless SNP gets power to deal with the ‘enemies within’.

By Moan McVulpinePutting the ‘hyp’ in hypocricy

THOSE OF you old enough to remember Margaret Thatcher will remember that the SNP voted for her to attain power at the expense of the country.

It was one of the SNP’s most shameful political actions and it crystallised the distrust of rational individuals for such an opportunist bunch of Tartan Tories.

The Tartan Tories, then as now, preferred to have someone to blame for Scotland’s ills. If something’s good take the credit, if it’s bad blame the Tories.

Or even better, blame Labour and caw them Tories an’ aw.

The SNP mock the idea that consultations are about ‘listening’ to the people. National Conversation, Gay Marriage, The Neverendum – they’ve played the people for mugs.

“The best people to rule Scotland are those who live here” went down particularly well with the Braveheart Commando divisions.

Until that is you look at Donald Trumpton – who lives here on a temporary basis – and the treatment he meted out to the decent ‘salt of the earth’ people of Menie.

It made us angry to be told that the needs of rich and powerful plutocrats Trumped the needs of the native Scots – especially when those plutocrats labelled our people ‘slum dwellers’ and ‘ugly’.

But hey ho. If your cheque book’s big enough, Alex Salmond will be your friend – so long as you’re prepared for a bit of mutual back scratching.

But enough of the sermonising.

Scotland got the measure of Salmond during the Trumpton affair. An unprecedented Trumping of local democracy in order to ingratiate himself – like a bitch on heat – to corporate power.

What protection for Scotland when the so called ‘saviour’ of the nation is prepared to sell his ‘people’ out to such sociopathic disrespecters of native Scots.

But, until Salmond get’s real power, Scotland still has a chance to save herself from the carte blance corporate rape of her natural resources.

Moses Salmond, Auld Nick Sturgeon and their associated Nationalist powermongers are determined to finish what Trump started.

That means RIP Scotland.

The Scottish Republicans of Judea appear to have joined them – their leader Colin Foxy wants to end people’s right to live unmolested from corporations in their own homes.

They’ve even played along with the lip service pish of a ‘people’s consultation’.

As Kenny MacNaeskill said at conference: “I’m tired of principles. Principles don’t get ye power.

“Principle only gets ye sare feet fae tramping the streets wi’ ither principled and sincere hauf-wits.

“The time for principle is deid. We want power. Power’s whit it’s aw aboot ya dafties.”

SAOR ALBA fae the SNP.



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4 responses to “We’re showing there isn’t such a thing as principle

  1. Well I suppose that with this morning’s news even now it’s clear there’s still at least some in the nationalist movement who put principles over power, unlike MacNaeskill!!

    Reading Moanie’s column made my blood boil a bit, ironically enough perhaps a bit like Mrs Thatcher did 30 years ago.

    I mean, near-billionaire Jim McColl lives abroad because of the life there and to avoid paying personal tax, yet the SNP parade him as a supporter because he supports their proposal to decrease the tax rate on his domestic corporate interests.

    Er, hello? If Jim McColl was an English Tory…..

  2. Thankyou Stuart

    Indeed. As I said on your last Planet Politics post, I warmed to the party after Friday at conference – especially Sandra White. She seemed like the real deal – a conviction politician – feisty, combative and feart fae naebudy. John Finnie’s dignity was quite touching too.

    Moanie Joanie! She eptiomises the need to reform the list MSP system and virtually personifies George Laird’s middle class clique jibe.

    As for Jim McColl, it certainly looks like the SNP leadership’s weasel words should be along the lines of “the best people to rule Scotland are the plutocrats who don’t live here.”

    Still, the recent stushie on bare face liars et al. Beyond parody, AhDinnaeKen and it’s fictional correspondents are all at a loss how to parody what is beyond parody.

    Any ideas?

  3. Er, nae really. The whole thing is so ridiculous I can’t even think of a way to blog about it. Even giving Salmond the widest possible construction and assuming he was acting in good faith, the whole thing – with the FOI and the IC legal action dimension in particular – is just so hair-splitting, convoluted and generally ridiculous that it’s a cause celebre regarding why people don’t/shouldn’t trust the political class.

    And I notice Newsnet led on the referendum consultation publication, and didn’t even think it newsworthy to mention the two resignations.

    As you say, beyond parody!

    • And I notice Newsnet led on the referendum consultation publication, and didn’t even think it newsworthy to mention the two resignations.

      Honest scepticism and rationality takes a back seat when the cult is threatened. 🙂

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