Salmond’s post conference pledge: SNP to become an ideology free zone

War is Peace! Ignorance is Strength! Freedom is First Strike Military Slavery! Firstminster pledges to ditch idealism, principle and integrity in the event of NATO accepting Scotland into the “Let’s do it to them before they do it to us” nuclear club.

“There is no act of treachery or meanness of which a political party is not capable; for in politics there is no honour.” – Benjamin Disraeli. Weel din The Right Dishonourable Privy Cooncillor Sun King Alex of Salmond. Proud to be Scottish.

By Phurst  Strike

WEE WUMMIN Whiteout was the name of the atomic bomb dropped on Moses Salmond’s lap at the SNP party confrerence on Friday.

The Firstminster was roundly ‘Telt’ by Sandra Whiterthanwhite that he was a hypocrite and a cynical opportunist and she was gaun to haud him to account.

Alluding to the SNPs empty ‘fantasy’ land proposals such as automatic EU membership with no strings attached, Ms Whiterthanwhite said: “We want to see it in writing fae NATO.

“Alex isnae gaun tae get away wi’ this Whitewash for the sake of an unattributed opinion poll.

“Seventy-five percent of Scots believe that Alex and Angus Robberson would say that the sky was falling in if they thought it would gain more votes for independence. Eh – haud on a minit – they huv sayed that.”

In a further development, it was revealed that Angus Robberson had cleared with NATO top brass the right to “say what it takes” to get the independence job done.

Mr Robberson said: “Whit these eejit delegates don’t understand is that, if an independent Scotland even sounds like a threat to Faslane, then they’ll get the English to come up and gie us a doin.

“Sumthin they’d be mare than happy tae dae by the way. C’mon guys, let’s use the heid. We’re never gettin rid of nuclear unless the Americans say it’s awright. It’s jist a fact of life – realpolitik if you like – get ower it. Whit’s din is din.”

Mr Robberson has been widely tipped to say he “forgot” to ask NATO about a nuclear weapons free Scotland when the issue of ‘written proof’ is regurgitated at the SNP’s National Council in December.

In a devastating counter attack, Ms White said: “What a parcel of first strike rogues in a party. Bought and sold for American military hegemony gold.”


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