Let’s take our chance to give the SNP a reality check once and for all

Scotland becoming an independent nation can benefit the SNP cabinet with larger pension pots and fringe benefits than ever before

By Moan McVulpineThe Hammer of the Anti-Scots

WE CAUGHT a glimpse of the future yesterday when Moses Salmond milked every photo opportunity angle for all his worth.

Two mediocrities, two Minsters – Prime and Fat – a skirling welcome and a deal called The Declaration of Contempt. The meeting was an inconvenience for an Etonian toff bent on crushing the plebs.

When the SNP get ‘TELT’ come 2014, such meetings and greetings will be considered an Argentina 1978 World Cup moment.

The relationship between Scotland and England after the inevitable result will be a bitter one – fractious, accusational, but one in which Scotland turns on itself and gives the more Nationalistic English a richt guid laugh.

That potential can be seen in the pomp and stage managed bombast yesterday.

In an important camera angle, Moses Salmond looked every bit the Snake Oil huckster on the make.

If it is a Yes vote, pigs will fly, seas will part, and Scotland will win the World Cup. We’re on the march with Salmy’s Army.

It is in everyone’s interests that such delusions don’t get out of hand. Occasionally us Scots go over the top and fail to spot hubris out of control.

Already the prospect of an independent nation has changed the contempt Westminster has for the SNP.

In March the Bullingdon Prime Minister said that the SNP were getting one question only. And that’s what’s happened – Basa!

He’s never pulled back from that commitment and that’s what the privileged one has delivered for his Anglo-Saxon genocidal tribe.

The Neverendum will be made in Scotland by the same people who drafted the Jakey Apartheid Tax otherwise known as the Minimum Pricing Alcohol bill.

So the opponents of the SNP must be pishing themselves laughing at its chances.

The SNP always made it clear that they would listen to the will of the sovereign people of Scotland by consulting them over the Neverendum.

Their refusal to even pay lip service to the record 26,000+ responses of those consulted tells you all you need to know about the SNP’s attitude toward their ‘sovereign’ people.

It was a loud and clear DECLARATION OF CONTEMPT. But those committed to the cause will be able to justify it with some half-hearted weasel worded apologist excuse.

We can buy into the Snake Oil Huckster’s pitch or we can reject it for the kleptocratic ego driven power grab that it clearly is.

If you want to help the SNP cabinet increase their pension pots and continue scratching the back of their favourite corporate puppet masters, Vote Yes.

If you want to stay in the status quo morass of inequality and class based prejudice vote No.

If you want to show your contempt for the lot of them because they’re all the same, spoil the ballot paper and write in a big china marker: “Ye’s are aw bawbags – get tae Fenwick”.

SAOR ALBA fae the SNP.




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4 responses to “Let’s take our chance to give the SNP a reality check once and for all

  1. Ouch! Again!!

    But Ally MacLeod/Alex Salmond is certainly an interesting comparison!

    Incidentally, meant to say that in your post about Rami Okasha you should have made some reference to his infamous Glenrothes by-election threat to have reporters shot if they came too close to Sarah Brown!


  2. Thankyou Stuart

    Yeah, the past two blogs have been a bit preachy – something the blog tries to avoid an excess of. In this instance an exception has been made.

    At least the oppressive Unionyptians had the decency to pay lip service to the people who responded to their consultation. It seems the SNP don’t give too much of a fig, other than soundbites, what the people think.

    Thanks for the link. Yes, could certainly have made use of that. Though, you couldn’t make that kind of stuff up. What a clown!


  3. Nothing wrong with a bit of preaching – I do it all the time!!

    Yes, two big consultations effectively ignored within a few weeks – then there was the NatCon waste of space last time round – so I suspect the SNP will find it difficult to appear credible as regards any future consultations. Of course, they’re largely ignored anway, but the parties might at least try to LOOK interested.

    As for Rami, don’t know if you saw this YouTube video, but more interesting was the unstatesmanlike behaviour of Keith Brown!


    • Thanks Stuart

      It’s when they don’t even bother to pay lip service to what they consistently bleat on about regarding ‘sovereignty of the people’ that I get genuinely pissed off.

      Cheers for the link. Labour have always been undignified, even when they had political credibility.

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