Most Historic day ever! SNP ignore sovereign will of the Scots in Declaration of Contempt 2012

As pen goes to paper with the Tory Tories, sovereign Scots people ask: “What is the point in SNP led consultations?” That’s the second one now which they have competely ignored.

“For there to be betrayal, there would have to have been trust first.” ― Suzanne Collins. To be fair, Sun King Moses of Salmond has never trusted the Scottish people. You get the government you deserve I suppose.

By Con Tempt-Able

NEVER HAS there been a more vainglorious day in the history of our proud wee nation.

Never have we seen such bare faced smiling ignorant contempt of the voice of the sovereign will of the people of Scotland.

Never has there been a day when so many Scots collectively wished that it was 2014 so that the smug hubris behind Sun King Moses Salmond’s smile will be wiped off of his face once and for all.

Half-wits, morons, dupes, fools, hate blinded idiots, gullibles, naive persons, etc etc etc.: that”s what Alex ‘Moses’ Salmond is calling his ‘people’ when he signs today’s document with David Cameron.

More than 26,000 people took the time to trawl through the lip service pish of the alleged ‘consultation’ document on Scotland’s referendum.

Today’s signing takes place before anyone – even Auld Nick Sturgeon – knows what those 26,000 people really think.

Today will go down in history right enough.

For the Nats, Cybernats and SNP cultists it will be easily written off as a grand day in history – the biggest since the Act of Union. Faith and rock solid belief can only be converted after all. And good luck to them.

For everyone else, it’s worth remembering that the Gay marriage consultation was a resounding No against the process and it was roundly ignored by the SNP. (AhDinnaeKen does not care one way or the other about gay marriage incidentally).

But today 15 October 2012 is a day of Ignominy – eclipsing even the Scottish Sun’s Day of Destiny splash headline.

Today is the day of the DECLARATION OF CONTEMPT 2012.

Remember it well. It’s a hallmark of the SNP’s contempt for the people they pay lip service to in their myopic single track incompetent pursuit of power.

SAOR ALBA from the SNP.



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6 responses to “Most Historic day ever! SNP ignore sovereign will of the Scots in Declaration of Contempt 2012

  1. bramley

    Full quote – not Moses but God – “Thus saith the LORD, the God of the Hebrews, Let my people go, that they may serve me in the wilderness.”

  2. Ouch!!

    Funnily enough, despite your frequent use of the name Moses I’d forgotten the context in which it arose.

    Recall that Moses Salmond told MSPs that he would tell David Cameron to “Let my people go”. I wonder if he actually said that on Monday?!?

  3. Ironically, it will probably be Moses Salmond’s people who “let their leader go” come the day of the Neverendum in 2014.

  4. Apparently you aren’t allowed to comment against gay marriage on Newsnet Scotland (or indeed anything else they do agree with).

    • Thankyou Grendel

      I sometimes wonder what blog/news sites have to hide by blocking comments. You can comment on anything you want here. Don’t always expect a sensible answer all the time though.


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