Minimum alcohol pricing in Scotland? The SNP must huv been pished.

Scottish National Party humiliated as the rank amateurs everyone knew they were. Especially when it comes to conducting grown up legislation in government. Haw Haw!

"Art is born of humiliation." - W. H. Auden. What does that mean for those piss artists at the big Whollyrude Cooncil?

“Art is born of humiliation.” – W. H. Auden. What does that mean for those piss artists at the big Whollyrude Cooncil?

By Buckfast Commando

HUV AH no been sayin since May this year that the SNP wur gonnae be gettin their baws pickled and handed back to them in a Buckie boatle man?

Haw Haw! How right wiz ah? Ah’ve been getting weel smashed doon the park wi’ mah pals to celebrate.

Therez nuthin better than laffin et yer supposed betters when they get a richt doin man – nane ah that mad auld c**t Davidson pish ‘doin’ though. This wiz a richt humiliatin public doin fur the SNP man.

We even made a Guy that lukt like piggy eyed patsy Alex Kneel oot ah Buckie boatles and burnt it oan tap ah the swings.

Haw Haw! Onyway. Whit kinda story is this withoot tawkin aboot whit the stushie is aw aboot in the first place.

Jakey Apartheid! Neddy Discrimination! Supermarket Tax Windfall! Minimum Alcohol pricing! Whitever ye want tae caw it man. It’s no happenin man. It’s been pit in the same place as the 20 SNP MPs prediction in 1979. Haw Haw!

Auld Patsy Alex Kneel huz hud tae take the faw for this wan or it would huv made Auld ‘formidable’ Nick Sturgeon luk a lot less than formidable.

It wid ah made her luk like the kinda person that sticks up for hardcore benefit scroungers – eh, haud on a minute.

She’s nuthin but a man wi nae baws onyway man – and Kneel’s nuthin but a pair o’ baws wi’ nae man. They’re baith shite so they ur.

An so wiz her legislation man. Pickin on us pare Jakey’s jist becoz she could.

Onyhoo, the SWA Young Team (Diageo division) are due to rip them later this month man and that will probably be an end tae it.

Whit getz me is this. If ah wee bawbag like me could it see it cummin as far back as March whit kinda hauf-wits diz that make the SNP?

Wurth thinking aboot when it cums to aw they promises they’ve been makin aboot Scotland post isolation day.

Haw Haw! Cyaz later man.


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