We’ve paid into SNP pension pots..now they need to go away

SCOTTISH Tory leader Ruth Rabidson dismisses almost everyone who lives in Scotland as not being able to build up a half-million pension pot in five years.

By Moan McVulpineThe Tories make it so easy. Ho ho ho.

HOW DOES it feel to be shafted? You might feel that the term is bang on the button – especially if you work a minimum wage job with long shifts.

But as far as Scottish Tory leader Ruth Rabidson is concerned, a shafted contributor to SNP ministerial pension pots is what you are.

Yesterday she made a speech that dismissed almost 99 per cent of Scots as “non-beneficiaries” who don’t “share in the cabinet’s trough.”

If you are a student or school pupil, a pensioner, disabled, sick or unemployed you are on the wrong side of the SNP cabinet’s bonanza sheet.

Doctors and nurses, teachers, school dinner ladies and home helps apparently contribute to the pots through their taxes.

In the warped world of the Scottish Tories, a low or even averagely waged worker in a private company will fit the non-beneficiary category – unless they do enough backstabbing and Salmond brown nosing to get themselves into the heart of the SNP government.

At least she doesn’t discriminate – she’s mentioned almost everyone who lives in Scotland, a country she oddly labels as containing “such a parcel of kleptocrats in a nation.”

We know hardly anyone benefits from cabinet minister pension pots, but rubbing it in our faces during these austere times is hardly a confidence builder.

The “cabinet as kleptocrats” line isn’t new. It’s a long standing practice of the Westminster parties to line their own pockets at everyone’s expense -whether that be joining Corporate boards in ‘non-executive’ roles, fiddling expenses, or taking direct payments in luncheon voucher donations or accepting ‘cash for questions’ in brown envelopes.

The Scottish government are merely doing what they’ve learned from their more experienced masters.

It’s only too true. Sadly.



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2 responses to “We’ve paid into SNP pension pots..now they need to go away

  1. badgers Vs tories, no holds barred cage match. now that’s a solution. sorry to be flippant, well made points, and my mancunian heart is warmed that the scottish tories are as bad as the ones here.

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