Too high cabinet pension pots to be outlawed in Scotland

Private member’s bill proposed to limit height of Firstminster and Cabinet’s smash and grab pension pots

"Bought and sold for Kleptocrat gold, What a parcel of rogues in a Nation." - Longshanker. I'd be smilling too at a half million pension pot accrued over 5 years.

“Bought and sold for Kleptocrat gold, What a parcel of rogues in a Nation.” – Longshanker. I’d be smilling too at a half million pension pot accrued over 5 years.

By Klepto Cratz

A BID to outlaw greedy outsized pension pots will be brought before MSPs at Whollyrude.

SNP MSP Cardsmarked MacDonald has proposed a members’ bill which could make illegal hedging of ministerial pension pots which encroach on public spending budgets.

Whollyrude looked at the issue previously but decided to drop it when MP expenses at Westminster were routinely exposed by the Torygraph newspaper.

On this occasion backbencher Cardsmarked MacDonald has the support of the majority of the Scottish public.

Although serious insights into Scottish cabinet pension pots are rare, Cardsmarked believes that for many people it is an issue which can blight people’s political engagement.

He said: ” Over the last few Swindley budgets, it has become clear this is a problem that affects cabinet minsters on both sides of the hated border and I believe that this Bill will limit the Minsters ability to loot and plunder the country.”

Selfish individuals

Cardsmarked will launch his bill at a Financial centre in Edinborrow. He will be joined by the pressure group, Stoptherobbinbastards.

The group’s campaign manager, Ripoff MacAvarice, said it was not about being “anti-Scots.”

He stressed it was about common decency in times of austerity when people were losing their jobs due to budget cuts.

Mr MacAvarice said: “Half a million pounds sterling have been accrued in individual cabinet ministers pension pots since 2007. Selfish individuals cannot continue to behave in a way that the vast majority of our society finds unacceptable.”

Roseanna Cuntingham, minster for Bigoted Cybernattery and Community Infighting said: “We remain committed to seeing legislation put in place that will ensure Junior Minsters such as myself can get as much as those senior robbin bastas. Us Junior Minsters deserve our cut as much as any of the so called ‘seniors’.”


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