A michty Jakey Apartheid hangover for the SNP

Nasty amoral Eurocrats leave piggy eyed patsy Alex Kneel to clean up the vomit of High Priestess Sturgeon’s minimum pricing vanity project

“Where men build on false grounds, the more they build, the greater the ruin” – Hobbes. So that’s the minimum alcohol pricing dealt with then.

By Buckfast Commando

AH CANNAE help mah sel. Ye shouldnae really laff at they SNP hauf wits, but Haw Haw! Whit did ah tell ye’s back in the day?

Luks like the Buckfast Commando community and their indigenous gettin mad wi’ it culture – onytime, ony place, ony where – is safe fur a while.

An’ it’s aw doon tae they freeloadin’ Euroc**t eejits in Brussels.

Haw haw! Ye’ve goat tae feel sorry for auld piggy eyed patsy Alex Kneel though.

He goat it passed it oan tae him fae the Fat Controller an’ he hud tae pit a braveheart smile oan his face n’ aw.

It seems it’s no jist oor Westminster oppressors and the anti-Scots element that cannae take the SNP seriously.

Spain, Italy, Portugal, and Bulgaria huv aw chipped in and shopped the ‘Scottish region’ tae the Euroc**ts.

They’ve telt them that the Scots huv had their laff, but they want tae grow up a bit and obey the law – Article 34 of the EU Treaty Law.

Y’ken, big boys law, no kiddy oan pretendy Whollyrude Parish Cooncil law. Haw haw!

An’ tae make things wurse, wan ah they ‘ooh la la’ fancy burdz fae abroad – ootside Glesca at least – said the legal challenge is oan the UK because: “the respondents are the UK, not Skintland, because Skintland is a region.”

Ah nearly fell aff mah sate man. SKINTLAND IS A REGION, she sayed. That’s how they Eurobams luk et us – a REGION.

Sum folk might be insulted by that, me – ah nearly pished mahsel. Mind ye, when it comes doon tae it, she can get it right up her wi’ that kinda talk.

Onyhoo. Whit it biles doon tae is this. The Euroc**ts take on board the objections o’ the ither countries, they pay lip service to the Skintland region, an’ then they tell them to get thur pishy wee prohibition legislation tae f**k.

An’ pilin’ in like a juggernugget is the SWA’s Diageo division who ur takin’ the SNP government tae the big Coort on October 23rd.

Aw in, it’s lukkin like curtains fur that ‘progressive’ pish they keep dronin’ oan aboot.

Me, ah’m away tae Lidl tae get sum o’ that extra strength cider that luks like Frosty Jack. An’ then ah’m gonnae get mad wi’ it doon the park wi mah pals.

See ye’s later. Haw Haw!


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