What’s Salmond hiding in Sturgeon’s drawers?

Labourer leader Fandabadozie Lament claims unpaid bills are stacking up in Auld Nick Sturgeon’s drawers.

“Trust is like a mirror..once its BROKEN you can never look at it the same again… ” – Anon. Aboot time a few sovereign people of Scotland took a look in the mirror.

By Snakeoil Huckster

FANDABADOZIE LAMENT sparked controversy yesterday when she pledged to end Scotland’s ‘something-for-nothing culture’.

The diminutive ranter said it was time to end the kiddy on devolved government which could be scrapped if she comes to power.

Here on AhDinnaeKen she claims Scotland needs to ditch the something for nothing talking shop parliament stacked up with List D non-entities and subsidised Pinot Grigio consumers.


We’ve aw din it.

The gas, electricity and phone bills all land on the same week and you’d rather get mad-wi’ it on Navid’s special offer Buckie.

So you don’t pay them, get somebody to ‘fix’ the meters and forget aboot it.

You do the same with the final demands and hide behind the curtains when the ‘men’ come to collect.

It’s a perfect bawbag reaction from somebody struggling with an attitude. But is it the way to run a Big Parish Cooncil in Edinborrow?

Maybe in Skintland, but not in the real world. But that is what Sun King Moses of Salmond and Auld Nick Sturgeon are doing.

Everybuddy knows that the moolah’s ran oot.

Salmy and Auld Nick know it. That’s why they asked a big boy to report on how much was in the tuck shop tin and were told plainly, not once but hunners o’ times – there’s no even enough fur a roll and sausage wi’ tomato sauce.

In typical “Ah’m no listenin’ to this anti-Scot Unionist pish fashion” they stuck their fingers in their ears and said “La la la la la”.

Whit ah’ve done is send them a reminder that I want even mare sovereign Scots to look upon me as an austere Tory in waiting – and the SNP as paragons of the peoples’ virtue.

Why aren’t more Scots aware of this? Who knows – though think back to Ally’s army in 1978 and ask why we thought we could win the World Cup.

Free prescriptions? Sure – get yoursel’ on the Road to Ruin methadone programme and set up a wee business sellin’ it on.

Free prescriptions for methadone men cost around £38 million.

For that you could hire mare than 1600 nurses – close to the number of nurses gie’d the boot by Auld Nick in her ‘formidable’ capacity as Health Minister.

A Council Tax Freeze? Pure dead brilliant. A centrist move echoing the centrist moves by Maggie Thatcher in the 80s. So much for local democracy and autonomy at a local level.

Wee Blether Salmond is watching your cooncil and strangling them so he can look good in the electorate’s eyes.

Sun King Moses of Salmond is rippin the pish oot o’ the Scots. Polls show almost a third ur daftie enough to be taken in by this ex-Banker’s sustained but unsustainable con trick.

Fir Christ’s sake, when are us weans gonnae realise that the man with the sweeties wantin’ us to get into the motor for a bit o’ independence is wantin’ tae take us for a different kind of ride.



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2 responses to “What’s Salmond hiding in Sturgeon’s drawers?

  1. Allan Borthwick

    What is axiomatic to your good self goes way over the heads of the lumpen proletariat. Your line “Polls show almost a third……….con trick demonstrates just how much of snake oil operator sun god moses is ! As they say in these parts your blog is awfie guid !

  2. Thankyou Allan

    “As they say in these parts your blog is awfie guid !”

    Wherever those parts are, may you live long and prosper. You seem to have enough sense to realise that this blog is full of non-sense.


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