Hurricane winds leave electorate up to their knees in political foam

Labourer leader accuses Sun King Salmond’s party of ‘Buying Votes’.

Truth is always a delusion. And that’s the truth. Lament should take her delusions elsewhere according to the SNP

By Foamin Stushie

A TINY country lies smothered in self-righteous political foam after hurricane windbags battered the country yesterday.

It came as the country was engulfed by an ‘imperfect storm’ sparked by the fulminations of Labourer leader Fandabadozie Lament.

Nearly ultimate Cybernat Peter Dingdong Bellend frothed: “I looked out of my computer and Lament’s foam was advancing toward us.

“How long will it be till this intellectually challenged non-entity opens her eyes to the fact that the SNP can be, and IS, all things to all people.

“That is the appeal of the SNP and Scottish Labourers just can’t deal with it.

“If buying votes is what it takes for people to vote Yes, then so be it.”


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