Don’t let SNP take morally superior stance on privatisation

The campaign by the Daily Ranger against Atos is vital because of the breathtaking hypocrisy displayed by the SNP over all sorts of Tory style privatisations.

By Moan McVulpine

THE DAILY Ranger is right to campaign against the abuses of Atos – the IT company hired by the London and Edinborrow government to carry out “work capability and shovel ready assessments” on the disabled, recently unemployed and dying.

They are so incompetent that almost half of their decisions are overturned on appeal. That’s why the SNP government want to give them £3 million to ‘retrain’ service personnel whose present work has become disabled.

Every other man and woman in the street has read similar stories.

But what you do not hear is that Atos aren’t the only toxic Westminster sponsored company that the SNP have chosen to make use of.

Infamous G4S of the Scolympic security scandal have been chosen to oversee and administer the tagging of wee neddy bawbags rather than the more accountable Scottish police.

Serco, all things to all people, and infamous abusers of workers terms and conditions have been handed the running of previously publicly owned Northlink Orkney and Shetland ferries.

Coincidentally and somewhat conveniently, the SNP government didn’t announce the Serco deal until after the Local Council elections in May – funny that!

Now the anti-Scots Unholy Alliance are drawing attention to the SNP’s blatant and utter hypocrisy over the whole ‘privatisation’ scam.

About time. But let’s remember – if they talk like the Tories and act like the Tories then there’s a good chance that they’re Tories – in the SNP case it’s Tartan Tories.

The way to kick them out for good is probably to vote against the Neverendum.

But the SNP still seem to think that the Scots are taken in by their “the people who live in Scotland are the best people to make decisions on Scotland” mantra.

On current evidence, I’ll refer to my alcohol pricing correspondent Buckfast Commando who succinctly and concisely said: “Haw Haw!”



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4 responses to “Don’t let SNP take morally superior stance on privatisation

  1. “the SNP government didn’t announce the Serco deal until after the Local Council elections in May – funny that!”

    And they ordered CalMac not to appeal the decision to give the business to Serco!

  2. Perhaps the SNP Government could outsource the running of the referendum.

    I suspect that if Brian Souter tendered he’d be a shoo-in. After all, he’s got experience in running such a thing!

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