Indy Rally – Those figures in full

Who do you believe in the Independence Propaganda War? The Indy Rally Marchers and Pro-Independinistas? The Police? The British Brainwashing Corporation? The Unionists? The Yes Campaign? The Better Together Cabal? AhDinnaeKen takes a look and has to admit – It Disnae Ken.

Boris got a cheer for disgraced Security outsourcer G4S, Sun King Alex got a cheer for Jakey Apartheid minimum alcohol pricing. Rumour has it Alex had a wager on which crowd of Nationalists was most gullible.

By Weemanz Hubris

DESPITE SOME of the more embarrassing claims made by the pro-Indpendinistas regarding Saturday’s Independence Ramble/Rally/Pilgrimage/Temperance March, no one can deny that some people did turn up.

AhDinnaeKen admits that it was by no account humiliating for the Independinistas – just mildly humiliating. Ho ho hum! The Scots can put up with that. We’re used to it by now. Surely!

Consider the following figures for the sake of some perspective:

Police Estimate: 5,000

Yes Estimate: 12,500 – 15,000

Probable: 7,000 max

Here’s how these figures fit in with other figures – so go figure:

584 – Number of drug related deaths in Scotland last year. Put in perspective that’s around one in ten marchers in Edinborrow yesterday. Just think, if you were on the march you might have been talking to someone who will be deid by this time next year.

5,524 – Average St Johnstone football team attendance this season. Given that a regularly heard chant aimed at home fans by the visitors is “What a sh**ey home support.”, what does that tell you about the sovereign people of Scotland making their pilgrimage to see Moses Salmond.

10,000 – Estimated attendance at Snow Patrol gig at Bellahouston Park Glasgone in June 2010. Given that their music is alright but hardly sets the heather on fire, contrast and compare with the highest figure suggested for a Nation’s Destiny.

20,000 – Number of marchers showing solidarity with workers at the doomed Kilmarnock Johnnie Walker plant when Diageo forever severed the link between their product and Kilmarnock’s heritage. A real march and not just a ‘nice’ part-time shopping/drinking trip to Edinborrow.

26,600 – Average daily footfall through Marks & Spencer in Princes Street on any given day in June 2012. Puts into perspective the difference between the drive to determine a Nation’s destiny and the drive to determine between a microwaveable lasagne or tagliatelle.

49,118 – Official numbers attending a Scottish Third Division football match between East Stirling and the Rangers. At best this is more than five times the number attending Scotland’s Destiny Rally, at worst it’s ten times more and realistically it’s an embarrassingly humiliating seven times more. So much for the national groundswell seeking independence from oppressive subjugation.

Of coorse, AhDinnaeKen disnae mean to mock too much, but muny a marcher disnae mak a mukel. Maybe the organisers should go homeward tae think again.



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6 responses to “Indy Rally – Those figures in full

  1. Thought-provoking comparisons. The debate on the numbers is even worse than I as anticipating. I mean, whether it was 5,000, 10,000 or 15,000 it’s the difference between 0.1%, 0.2% or 0.3% of the Scottish population, thus in the context of the electorate as whole statistically insignificant.

    Of course, some of the photaes look impressive enough, but all the stuff about a “nation coming together” etc is ever so slightly hyperbolic!

    As are the various claims that a couple of numpties with the Union flag and how things transpired in that regard is of some significance regarding the Unionist campaign.

    • Thankyou Stuart


      I suppose it could be considered the marketing equivalent of a toe dipping control group for the feartie SNP and Tristram backed Yes Campaign.

      It’s funny how one of the more expressive anti-Independenistas on Twitter compared the figure of 5,000 to the Jacobite army.

      I read something recently in a history book which briefly covered Bonnie Prince Biscuit Tin’s campaign. I’m paraphrasing, but it basically said that there was a significant though small pro-Prince group in Scotland and a slightly larger support for the Hanoverians. According to the book, the rump majority of Scotland couldn’t really give much of a fig.

      The march and requisite opposition protest seems to support that supposition.

      From yesterday’s showing though, I can only presume that Salmond is keeping his fingers crossed that the Coalition survives to 2014 with Osborne as chancellor – otherways, the writing’s indelibly on the wall.


      • Well given my ropey grasp of history I think I’ll leave the historical analogies to you, hehe.

        But as regards Osborne and the Tories, I suppose the paradox there for the SNP is that the longer they’re in power the longer it’ll look that they’ll lose the next election.

        Although whether the prospect of a Miliband-led Westminster will actually help the No referendum vote is another question entirely!

      • Indeed

        Everything’s up in the air, which I suppose in some quarters of Braveheartland is exciting due to the modest constitutional uncertainty and deluded potential but, given the spectre of a real and deeply debilitating world depression, I just wish our politicians weren’t such myopically mediocre nakedly self serving careerists.


  2. daftquine

    Aye, when you put it in that context it wasn’t that great. But that’s being negative and anti-Scottish. So be it! 😀
    The average person in the street just isn’t really interested at all. Plus it’s VERY far ahead in time. Mustn’t be complacent all the same because that doesn’t mean they’re decided either way and how the message is put across will be crucial to the outcome.
    Thanks. I always enjoy your stuff, although might not always have time to post comment.

    • Thankyou Daftquine

      Like I said to Stuart above, I agree that the average Joe or Jock in the street doesn’t really give a fig one way or the other and that’s bad for the Indy crowd.

      I’d rather they made a better show of it. On yesterday’s evidence that’s not going to happen.

      And hey, don’t worry about commenting, the fact that you post at all is appreciated. 🙂


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