John Swindley: Good guy or w**k? – You decide!

Efter today’s wee cowering timorous budgie, Wee Eck’s Finance Swindler will come under increasing judicial scrutiny

“Prudence is a rich, ugly, old maid courted by incapacity and Scottish Finance Swindlers.” – Anon

By Cheetin Lyre

A JUDGE will fast track a case today which will reveal whether Scottish Finance Swindler John Swindley should be taken seriously or not.

At the Court of Oppression, Lord Minger approved a motion from misinformation commissioner Rosemary Whitznew.

The case will be heard sometime before the Neverendum vote – whenever that happens to be.

Firstminster Salmond has refused to answer a freedom of misinformation request on the subject, saying to do so would break the credibility code investment he’s placed in his favourite swindler.

James Hoor KC, for the commissioner, told Lord Minger during a brief budgie on Thursday afternoon that a common sense motion for disposal of the case had not been opposed.

Lord Minger said: “I shall approve this matter as suitably disposable.”

SNP leader Sun King Moses of Salmond said a detailed assessment of Swindley’s credibility might reflect badly on the whole of his talentless drone party.

The credibility issue came to the surface just over a fortnight ago when Swindley was exposed trying to perpetuate a manifest manifesto lie on Newsnicht.

And it was further exposed today by his pet budgie Financial Quandary at a Whollyrude all day sit-in.

“We will neither confirm or deny that John Swindley is credible.” said the Sun King.

“He has been forced to impose a budgie on the Scots the Tories would be proud of and that’s incredible.

“But how credible that makes him will not be decided by the likes of the public or the public interest.”

John Swindley is best known for his funding of the Unofficial Secrets (Scotland) Act 2012 in which the goverment created an undisclosed war chest to fight off misinformation requests at one hundred thousand sovereign Scot pounds sterling (£100,000) a pop.

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