New SNP legislation not revealed – The Unofficial Secrets Act

SNP keep veil over new policy designed to keep veil over all policies. Or are they?

“European legal advice is a secret about a secret, the more it tells you the less you know.” – Wee Naebudy. And the biggest secret is still whether the Neverendum is actually going to happen or not. Shhh! – By You Don’t Know Who!

By Clan Destine

SOVEREIGN SCOTTISH taxpayers will face a £100,000 fine every time an enemy of the Scottish state requests information.

The Firstminster has ordained that public interest information is contrary to his non-public interest Minsterial Code.

Under oppressive Westminster imposed Freedom of Information laws, Enemy Within Commissioner Rosemary Whitznew has tried to force Ministers who know better to tell things to the public – who don’t know better.

Sun King Alex has argued that he knows better permanently and that his new unrevealed legislation will reveal that there may or may not be information which should not be revealed to those who think it should be revealed.

In another revelation, the SNP leader added that his so far unrevealed assessment would be revealed as soon as he could waste another £100,000 of sovereign taxpayer money keeping information unrevealed in the court of appeal.

However, the Enemy Within Commissioner insisted that the government wanted to ensure two years of good news stories to aid the independence vanity project.

She said: “A couple of years ago the Scottish government started to turn down a raft of FOI requests on the basis that FOI didn’t entitle a voter to documents, but it entitled a voter to information.

“Now this ruling basically subverted FOI and was a real challenge to it. They partially climbed down from that.

“Now they’ve found a second way of trying to get round FOI which is refusing to confirm or deny if information is even held.

“It’s plainly a delaying tactic designed to inhibit the release of information which would make independence look bad in the run up to the Neverendum.”

But this was categorically denied by the Firstminster, his monkey Minsters, his drone MSPs and his ‘faithfully zealotous’ party members.

SNP fibber, evader, deceiver, dissembler and obfuscating faker Wee Naebudy said or didnae say – depending on who heard or never heard it when it wiz or wisnae said – said: “There is a reason for secrecy and it is in the public interest that they do not know why it is or isn’t in their interest

“How can you expect us to release information that will make the vanity of the Firstminster look vain?

“If you huv to tell the truth it’s because you shouldnae be daein it in the first place.”


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