“Let’s lynch them. Let’s lynch ’em all!” cries McAlpine

The Nationalist witch hunter movement in Skintland dominates Farcebook and Skitter, but this month it’s going live as hunners gaither in OOR capital city with a marching hunt for rebellious anti-Scots to crush on September 22

By Moan McVulpineSuch a parcel of traitors in the nation

LOTS OF us have no social life these days. But nothing quite beats getting together with like minded bigots and beating the hell out of those we oppose.

It’s the difference between playing boxing on the Wii and feeling your knuckles get skint and bruised when punching a real traitor’s heid.

The anti-Scot witch hunt movement in Skintland dominates Farcebook and Skitter, but this month it’s going live as a hue and cry goes up around the country to hound the “backstabbing traitors” haudin’ this progressive wee country back.

It’s bringing together all sorts of nutjobs, heidbangers and rockets.

Margo MacDonut and Sun King Alex of Salmond will share a symbolic teacake, together with thoughtcrime lawyer Peace AnWar, the Greengoes Patacake Harvie and turncoat Labouring MP and MSP Dennis Caravan. Dennis won’t be lonely: the self aggrandizing new group, Labourer Voters for Attention, are also at the witch hunt.

Like Beir Partie, Labourers founding faither, they believe the people who live in Skintland should have the right to expose, ridicule and judge all the back stabbing anti-Scots ‘enemy within’ undermining our inclusive country.

They represent the true values of the Nationalistic nutjobs, long abandoned by Civilised society.

It will be great fun hunting the anti-Scots doon and throwin’ them aff the castle’s battlements after some ritualistic humiliation.

Cut price Souter coaches for the event will leave from all over Skintland.

Call 666 or go to http://www.letskillem-letskillemall.com




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2 responses to ““Let’s lynch them. Let’s lynch ’em all!” cries McAlpine

  1. Stuart Winton

    Indeed, and saw this cracking comment on the VASI website from someone who didn’t seem to get the satire of that ‘cybernat bingo’ thingy:

    ”Oh dear, what a shame, never mind. I am never surprised by these people. Their thinking processes seem entirely alien to me and that’s only because they don’t seem to have any intellect to speak of. If they did, they would immediately change their minds and get behind independence as quick as they could. Their stance is anti Scottish because they are working against the best outcomes for the Scottish people. We now know this to be a fact. They are working for the benefit of the UK and that by logic means that they are working against Scotland and its people.”

    Dear oh dear!!

    A real clanger from Joanie as well:

    ”….they believe the people who live in Scotland should make the most important decisions about what happens here.”

    Bad enough after Yes Scotland etc, but especially rich given Jim McColl sticking his oar in from Monaco a few days previously.

    As for the march itself, not sure why the Nats are making such a song and dance about 10-20% of Catalonians turning out to march for independence, because I suspect the Scottish march won\’t even attract 1%, surely?

  2. Indeed – I’ve always thought the Scots were the best for irony, but plainly not. The independence debate is bringing all manners of strange creatures out of the woodwork.

    The whiff of McCarthyism is still a stick I beat myself up about – I keep thinking I’m being ridiculous for thinking so, BUT! – acorns and Oaks etc.

    Funny you should mention the Joanie thing about people who live in Scotland.

    A week or so ago on Twitter I challenged a Cybernat to provide evidence that people who live in Scotland are the best people to make decisions here.

    I wasn’t abusive or patronising or aggressive, I merely stuck to the original question of where’s the evidence. After much obfuscation, questioning of sanity and intellect (the usual), he blocked me. It”s mantra over substance or thought in about 90 per cent of these cases.

    It’s still at the laughable stage just now. Rev Stu’s most recent tirade about dictionaries and manifestos (which I commented on on your blog) being a case in point, (and I still laugh at that comment) but the tedious metronomic mediocrity of it all is becoming stultifyingly dull.

    I meet a lot of different people with what I do and it’s actually uncommon for anyone – so far – to show much interest one way or the other in the independence debate.

    I can imagine it will be peeing with rain on the 22nd, but I’m actually thinking of going along myself – a wee subsidised coach trip to Edinburgh at the SNP’s expense tickles my sense of irony.


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