MacAesops Fables #27 – The Dancing SNP Monkeys

Our twenty-seventh Sunday outpouring of sanctimony and self-righteous morality to be taken as seriously as the SNP’s commitment to anything, other than the Neverendum vanity project

Eck’s reshuffled cabinet ministers display their delight at their new positions of responsiblity.

A VAINGLORIOUS FIRSTMINSTER had some SNP Monkeys trained to dance to his tune.

Being naturally great mimics of politicians actions, they showed themselves most apt pupils, and when arrayed in their rich clothes and masks, they danced as well as any of the other Unholy Alliance politicians.

The spectacle was often repeated with great applause, till on one occasion an Unholy Alliance politician, bent on mischief, took from his pocket a handful of NATO nuts and threw them upon the stage.

The SNP Monkeys at the sight of the NATO nuts forgot their dancing and became (as indeed they were) Monkeys instead of real politicians.

Pulling off their masks and tearing their robes, they fought with one another over the NATO nuts.

The dancing spectacle thus came to an end amidst the laughter and ridicule of the audience.

Analysis: Let’s start with the moral of the fable: “Not everything you see is what it appears to be.” Indeed! Enough said about the left talking right acting Scottish National Party.

The SNP’s new highly unprincipled dedication to the ‘unpardonable folly’ of joining NATO’s first strike nuclear alliance looks exactly like what it is – jettisoned principles in the face of perceived power.

All that can really be done now for the undedcided and the opposition is wait, watch and listen.

Inevitably, the fallout of sophistry, hypocrisy and evasion from the SNP’s autocratic leadership as they attempt to justify their inalienable lust for self aggrandising ego driven power, will fully unfold and be revealed at the SNP conference this October.

Get the fat-free crisps, the Tartan Tammies, the 3D glasses and the alcohol-free beer in for what promises to be a richt guid hand wringing, soul searching laff at the volte face, about turn, Janus like, cringing justification, blood fest.

It’s bound to be funnier than the new series of The Thick of It – which admittedly wouldn’t be hard.

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