A bloody echo of Jakey Apartheid

WHISKY malts, whisky chasers, whisky minimum pricing – it’s shorthand for high-visibility court battles

By Moan McVulpinelet them drink Pinot Grigio

WHISKY IS something we associate with Scottishness, hogmanay and gettin pished.

Whisky neat, whisky mixed, whisky downed – it’s shorthand for gettin-madwi’it.

The Queen mother had a platinum hip flask fashioned for her favourite malt.

Justin Bieber can handle two shots and he’s oot the gemme.

But it’s lost it’s lustre ever since drinks giant Rajeo effectively killed the brands of Johnnie Walked and Cardwho.

As someone who remembers getting a 1/4 gill for 30p in a pub it made me yearn for Holyrude’s subsidised canteen.

But it was the news earlier last month that really made me think I had fallen asleep and missed a parliamentary question.

There was a move by the anti-Scottish BBC Radio Four Today programme to trap whisky giant Rajeo’s chief executive Palsy Welsh into saying something negative about an independent Scotland.

The history dates back to the 2009 closing down of the Johnnie Walked factory in Auld Killie toon.

Sun King Moses of Salmond led his sovereign people in a valiant rallying demonstration of sovereign people power.

And he might just have wangled a stay on the execution of the Johnnie Walked brand and it’s Kilmarnock workforce.

But, as is his wont, he overstepped the mark and started dictating terms to Rajeo through the public platform of the demo’s rallying point.

The rest is ego driven rank amateur demagogic history.

We know that corporate sharks don’t tolerate THEIR brands being politicised by amateur demagogues for the sake of public relations points.

The Killie workforce and the Johnnie Walked brand paid the price for Sun King Moses vanity message.

Here’s hoping the sovereign Scottish people don’t end up paying the price for his vanity project.



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