Leach accuses louse of being a parasite on Twitter

Scottish government Gauleiter engages in unseemly spat over Scots parliament’s assault on justice and legal safeguards

“The highest reach of injustice is to be deemed just when you are not.” – Plato.

By Itsanin Justice

ONE OF the country’s top legal leaches has accused a Ministerial louse of illegitimate “bloodsucking” after a small bloodletting skirmish on Twitter.

Brian McConartistry QC accused Holyrude Cooncillor and governmental Gauleiter Roseanna Cuntingham of seeking to ruin 300 years of anti-Scots law.

He further accused Ms Cuntingham of “unbearable arrogance” due to her part in the repeal of the 300 year Unionist right of Scots to be publicly and unashamedly anti-Scottish.

But Gauleiter for Community Safety and Corrective Citizenship Affairs Roseanna Cuntingham said that anti-Scots subterfuge had led to Scotland suffering 300 years of subjugation and oppression at British hands and it was time the law was ‘corrected’.

Ms Cuntingham claimed that if Mr McConartistry was so concerned about the repeal of the ‘anti-Scots corroboration’ safeguard he should have done something about it at the time.

The eminent QC merely answered “ah did ya arrogant bugger and it wiz three tae wan hen and ye’s are still fur chingin’ it”.

In a statement which earned Ms Cuntingham the derision of Twitter nerds throughout the #indyref-sphere, she said “prove it wee man.”

Mr McConartistry mocked: “Dumb as weel as arrogant – Weel din Shitty Sark – check BBC Democracy Live ya rocket.”

The Gauleiter’s next Tweet was a belter: “OOPS – Getitupye!”

Roseanna Cuntingham has form for lack of awareness in the political and Twittersphere. She was recently censured for her support of an anti-Rangers bigot who hoped one supporter would “die in a chemical fire”.


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