Holyrude harms the Scots – Arch errorist Osama Bin Kenny MacNaeskill fingered

The fundamental function of the law is to provide protection for the people. AhDinnaeKen exposes the growing realisation that Secretary for Injustice and arch errorist MacNaeskill is not fundamental – just mental.

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” – Martin Luther King, Jr. Except for viewers in Scotland who have learned we do things differently in this country.

By Itsanin Justice

LEADING SCOTTISH lawyer solicitor-parasite Alistair Bonnytoun has accused the Scots parliament of doing more damage to Osama Bin Kenny MacNaeskill’s reputation than changes in the law ever could.

He claims that Cabinet Secretary for Injustice Kenny MacNaeskill has overseen some of the worst kneejerk changes to Scottish law since Uncle Joe Salmond introduced the Misappropriation of Nationalist Ideology Law.

According to Mr Bonnytoun the long held belief that Scots are entitled to a fair trial has been effectively and rightfully banished.

He further cited the ending of double jeopardy, or as it’s known at Holyrude the ‘Gie’s Anither Chance Tae We Get It Right’ law, as personifying MacNaeskills errorist ways.

Stacked Deck Principle

Mr Bonnytoun also referred to the proposed new Stacked Deck law which effectively ends the need for corroboration in trials and piles on the pressure for defendants by having their previous convictions read out in open court to Presbyterian Nationalist partisan juries.

Defending his shredded reputation, Mr MacNaeskill said: “As the only party which can truly claim to represents Scots interests, I believe that it is in the party’s and therefore the country’s interest to prosecute and put away as many wee ned bawbags as possible.

“The polis know who they are and so do we. So why should the law protect them when we know they did it anyway? Besides, it means that we can report that crime is down and not have to hide behind Freedom of Information request denials.”

As claimed by Mr Bonnytoun, most of the kneejerk changes to the law are tabloid led.

He said: “Just like Goebbels Murdoch’s Sunday Sun calling the date of the Neverendum, we now have the tabloids leading the agenda.

“Scots desperate for full independence should not forget that a pre-Act of Union, independent Scots parliament in 1606 passed an Act which allowed Lairds to effectively enslave tenant workers and vagrants to their mines and salt pan workings. It took the post 1707 Unionist parliament to end this barbaric anti-Frrrreeeeeeedddddoooooom™ act.

“It is a logical fallacy that the best people to rule Scotland are the Scots when in fact the best people to run any parliament should be the best people fit to rule.”

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