Just Say Yes (please) to Genocide

Why did Sun King Alex of Salmond cross the Chinese road? To get to the genocide.

“Governments are mandated by international law to protect people from genocide.” – Bianca Jagger. Maybe Scotland should hold a referendum for Independence within Genocide.

By Itsanin Justice

THE SCOTTISH Government has been applauded by two Chinese petro-companies for their stance on the value and sanctity of human life.

PetrocideChina and Cyanidopec, have both lauded Sun King Alex of Salmond for his tough bargaining stance on the body count per pound sterling appeasement scale.

Both firms are well known for the ‘turning’ of governmental blind eyes to their sponsored genocides in countries such as Sudan.

According to Ilike Ciling, Chief Executive of PetrocideChina, Sun King Alex’s £900 million Scottish deal is the most the Chinese company has ever had to pay to its dead body appeasement fund.

He said: “300,000 dead in Darfury works out at £3000 per individual killed. In India for example it costs us pennies.”

Keepmum Thisafar, bleeding heart director of Genocide International Scotland said: “While the sanctity of life is important to Scotland, this should not be at the expense of excellent economic boosts such as this one.

“Sun King Alex of Salmond deserves all the plaudits due him for his astute bargaining skills. £3000 per body really is an economic price worth paying.”

Both firms control much of the wholesale and retail blood flow in China.

Patacake Harvie, Greengo MSP for Glasgone, said: “The Scottish government is right to embrace these companies.

“We can’t afford to be as morally superior as Norway and their oil fund. A blood fund might not be to everyone’s tastes, but they’ll be the poorer for it.”

Just Say Yes (please) poster #8 – Selective Friendships?

Just Say Yes (please) poster #7 – Chinese Whispers

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