MacAesops Fables #25 – The Labourer and the Snake

Our twenty-fifth Sunday outpouring of sanctimony and self-righteous morality to be taken as seriously as the SNP’s commitment to the ‘recovery’ of drug addicts

Scots “didn’t mind the economic side [of Thatcherism] so much” said Sun King Alex some time ago. In fact Alex doesn’t mind cosying up to some of her best friends for the same reasons she did.

AN SNP SNAKE, having made his hole close to the seats of a parliament, inflicted a mortal bite on a Parliamentarian’s infant son. Grieving over his loss, the Father resolved to kill the SNP Snake.

The next day, when it came out of its hole for food, he took up his axe, but by swinging too hastily, missed its head and cut off only the end of its tail.

After some time the Parliamentarian, afraid that the Snake would bite him also, endeavoured to make peace, and placed some bread and salt in the hole.

The SNP Snake, slightly hissing, said: “There can henceforth be no peace between us; for whenever I see you I shall remember the loss of my tail, and whenever you see me you will be thinking of the death of your son.”

Analysis: Neo-fascist anti-Scots sentiment emanating from SNP types raised its ugly head again recently and put AhDinnaeKen into 1979 mode.

The moral of this tale is straightforward: “No one truly forgets injuries in the presence of those who caused the injury.”

When ex-SNP leader Gordon Wilson rallied his 11 “totally honest” SNP MP snakes (the orginal turkeys voting for Xmas) into the same lobby as the Tories in order to do their bit in 1979 for a brave new Thatcherite Britain, that was the strongest signal of the contempt the SNP have for the Scottish electorate.

Just because they wurnae gettin their parliament, they inflicted the ‘Poll Taxing milk snatcher’ on the rest of Britain for the sake of their perceived injury.

Laughably, Gordon Wilson believed the SNP would return 20 SNP MPs at the requisite election – they returned two!! Yo Ho Ho – Merry Xmas!

Now we have Alex Salmond cosying up to arch Thatcher ally Rupert Murdoch.

It’s worth remembering that Murdoch helped demonise the miners – the very men whose fathers and grandfathers kept this country’s industry supplied with energy against the Nazis.

Murdoch’s press aggressively supported the invasion of Iraq with Labour’s WMD lies.

Murdoch’s Wapping plant was supplied with a support line of Tory state sponsored police ready to break the heads of the printers legally picketing his plant.

And not forgetting that Murdoch’s press demonised the crushed and dieing at Hillsborough as ‘drunken’ rabble. Not even worth mentioning the ‘rotten to the core’ corruption exposed by Leveson.

Let no Nat or Cybernat tell you that Murdoch isn’t toxic. Those taking such a line are liars, cheats, hypocrites, narcissists and rogues. And that’s just their good points.

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8 responses to “MacAesops Fables #25 – The Labourer and the Snake

  1. Prophet_Peden

    What is it with you bleeding heart types harking back to 1979 all the time? It’s done and dusted and the SNP have learned their lesson.

    In case you haven’t noticed the SNP have a different leader now and I think he’s a lot more canny than the leader from 1979?

    Wake up! It’s not only a new century, it’s a new millenium.

  2. Thankyou for the the alarm call Prophet 🙂

    Sorry to disappoint, but I don’t have a bleeding heart unless you count the time Carla Ferry chucked me when I was in 2nd year at the school.

    Of course the SNP have a different leader. What leader could possibly have expected to survive with his credibility intact after the crushing humiliating defeat dealt to the SNP by the Scottish electorate in the 1979 general election?

    Up until Feb 26 this year – when this blog started – I was willing to give Alex Salmond the benefit of the doubt despite some serious reservations following his performance during the Diageo/Johnnie Walker debacle in 2009.

    I’m afraid I only see him as a cynical lieing manipulator from the same mould as any leading Tory or Lib-Bent or Labourer now.

    It’s a bit sad really. At one time I thought he had something different to offer other than Westminster style ‘humbug and hypocrisy’.

    Watching his performance at Firstminster’s Questions I can only conclude his personality and inability to answer straight unequivocal questions is as much of a help to him as it is a hindrance.

    Good luck to you for thinking differently.


  3. “In case you haven’t noticed the SNP have a different leader now and I think he’s a lot more canny than the leader from 1979?”

    Indeed, the current one was predicting 20 SNP MPs at the last election and that that would enable the SNP to “hang Westminster by a Scottish rope”.

    ‘Canny’ indeed.

    And wasn’t that the same interview when Alex Salmond complained about the “British Brainwashing Corporation”, or suchlike?

    Ian Davidson, eat your heart out!!

  4. Thanks Stuart

    I forgot about the 20 MP prediction. Further reinforces your view on mandate of the people etc.

    As for the British Brainwashing Corporation, it does put in perspective the rudeness of Paxman and his Mugabe jibe – not that I think it was in any way justified.


  5. Don’t know what Paxo was thinking of with that one. Not very astute interviewing.

    Don’t know if you’ve seen the ‘Brainwashing’ interview recently though. Interesting to contrast how Anita Annan(?) deals with the ‘brainwashing’ jibe as compared to Izzy the other week.

    I’d forgotten about that until ironically someone raised it in a thread on RevStu’s site.

    Speaking of RevStu, has he really illustrated his critique of the Herald’s Magnus Gardham with a photo of police searching Saddleworth Moor and the caption “Concerned bystanders help the Herald search for its honour”?

    Dear oh dear.

    Or perhaps I’m missing something.

    • Yes. Anita demonstrates how to deal with offensively stupid accusations against the BBC. Nothing jumped up or toffee nosed there, just mild offhand contempt like swatting a fly.

      I’ve learned something though. It doesn’t matter what you accuse an institution of, it’s the tone and the number of repetitions of the accusation that count. Ho ho 🙂

      Agree with your insinuation about the Rev. You’re missing nothing.

      There’s definitely a pathology with a deeply unpleasant undercurrent at work there. I reckon he’s a bona fide narcissist. The lack of self awareness or sensitivity definitely marks him as at best, oddball.

      He wished someone would die in a chemical fire the other day there – a Rangers fan I assume. He has form on this kind of gross statement.

      I presume Nats such as Roseanna Cunningham wouldn’t quite be so willing to converse with him on Twitter if they knew some of the ghastly
      offensive adolescent trite he has uttered elsewhere.

      He did half inspire me to do this blog though, so there’s that to thank or condemn him for.


  6. Didn’t mean to embed that video, by the way, thought it would just be a simple link :0)

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