Ultimate Cybernat Rev Stu – Ultimately humiliated

Avoiding humiliation is the core of tragedy and comedy. Check out this fantastically comedic twitter thread where a ‘Wee man’ with a huge ego doesnt manage to avoid humiliation by the ‘big boys’. Y’know, the ones who actually know how to do journalism and media in a ‘professional’ capacity. What a tragedy for the Cybernats that their self appointed ‘thorn’ in the side of the Unionists should be so easily slapped down with such minimalist effort.

“With publicity comes humiliation.”  – Tama Janowitz said. Add to that a polite guffaw from the few who have been routinely humiliated by this Rev Stu buffoon fellow; he who doesn’t even know his own professed subject. More to be pitied than scolded I suppose. Bless!

By Ahlaftyah Pishtmasell

A FELLOW Tweeter tweeted to AhDinnaeKen’s Twitter feed last night that he thought Wings Over Scotland was beyond parody.

Here’s the hilariously humiliating prophetic proof of the pudding. Enjoy.

Statement on Wings Over Scotland blog site on its Raison d’être:

“Wings Over Scotland is a (mainly) Scottish political media digest and monitor, which also offers its own commentary.”

Kind of raises the question: Is it? Is it really? Is it really a ‘monitor’? What is a monitor then?

Just a wee reminder – once more for laughs – of the ultimate level that ‘Ultimate Cybernats’ reach:
Wings Over Scotland: “Wasn’t previously aware the Times published a separate Scottish edition.”

Angus Macleod (Sunday Times): “Only for the past 14 years.”

David Leask (Proper professional journalist): “If you’ve set yourself up to “monitor” Scots media, Wings, it might be worth familiarising yourself with it?

Spot the minimal and devastating use of real ‘professional’ journalistic language. Here’s to more of the same over the next couple of years. Cheers Rev Stu, otherways known as Rev Coco the Ultimate Cybernat Clown.


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10 responses to “Ultimate Cybernat Rev Stu – Ultimately humiliated

  1. Like a milk monitor who doesn’t know you can get semi-skimmed and skimmed variety. 🙂

  2. You’re beginning to make me feel sorry for Rev Stu now….!!

  3. I sense a possible chastisement. Have I overstepped the mark?

  4. Just being a bit ironic – since Stu is pretty good at dishing it out, he no doubt has no objections when it’s going in the other direction.

    I suspect he’s a teddy bear really, and I mean that in the general sense rather than alluding to his fitba preferences ;0)

  5. You’re probably right about him being a teddy bear, though I noticed that he’s now formulating an argument that to be pro-British is to be anti-Scottish. 😦

    I couldn’t resist the Scottish Times piece though. I kind of felt a bit bad doing two posts in a row on him, but the Angus Macleod and David Leask chastisements were too good to ignore. I nearly pished myself laughing.

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