MacAesops Fables #24 – The Rangers Supporters and the Bigoted Cybernat

Our twenty-fourth Sunday outpouring of sanctimony and self-righteous morality to be taken as seriously as Wings Over Scotland’s commitment to progressiveness and integrity.

“Those wars are just which are undertaken without provocation. For only a war waged for pettiness or attention can be just.” –  Rev Stu-pid Campbell

A REV STU Cybernat was perched up on the top of a Wings Over Scotland Twitter account and, looking around, saw some Rangers supporters passing under him.

Immediately he began to revile and attack his enemy: “Murderer, bigot, thief, cheater and tax dodger,” he cried, “what do you here near honest folks’ Twitter accounts? How dare you make an appearance where your vile deeds are known?”

“Curse away, my sad lonely friend,” said the Rangers supporters, “at least we go to the games which you plainly do not.”

Analysis: What makes a middle aged mid-40s unmarried, childless, partnerless male with no substance in his life other than an overblown ego driven by narcissism and a laughable superiority complex, bait Rangers fans so? Why should a ‘so called’ Aberdeen supporter, who by his own admission visits an actual game about once every five years, be so obssessed with a club which is being routinely punished for it’s previous mismanagement?

While the first question effectively answers itself, you have to scratch your head on the second. AhDinnaeKen has plenty of ‘been there’ umbrage against both Celtic and Rangers – but works with hardcore suppporters of both clubs. Without doubt, and in general, Celtic and Rangers fans have some of the genuinely funniest and wittiest supporters in Scotland (though it could be argued that’s down to numbers). Schadenfreude does indeed make an appearance in AhDinnaeKen’s thinking, but to go on the offensive through Twitter. Hmmm! What’s the motivation? What’s the pathology?

As many disgruntled Rangers supporters might like to ponder – What else is there in this individual’s life other than provocation and attention grabbing?

Meanwhile, back at the moral of the story, Twitter emboldens through it’s lack of physical presence, so as Rangers supporters who take the bait from this master baiter should ponder:  “It is easy to be brave from a safe distance.”

So as Bob Orr said here:

How many people have read Bob here and thought “That’s just what this Campbell fellow needs?” – a five knuckle shuffle.

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