Nationalists deserve a gold medal for their sniping sour attitude

Scotland now accounts for 13.14% of the medals overall – showing that there is no straw Nationalists will not grasp at in order to claim moral superiority

By Moan McVulpine on 7 Aug 2012 –  Moanie’s back – back again

WE ALWAYS knew he wouldn’t greet if he won a final.

Andy Murraymint’s win over Roger Fedherair showed the Swiss care more about chocolate than medals.

Scolymopians now account for the success of the Olympics movement, games and sporting prowess throughoot the globe – once again punching above oor weight in the hubris stakes.

Reports have said oor contribution is so impressive that a Scolymopian team would be sixth on the table and universally loved throughoot the right thinking wurld.

Old Moanie also got caught up in the excitement, but that’s no a story for a newspaper column.

Let’s just say I had more than a tear in my eye, or sob in my throat, when Jessica Tennis crossed the finish line.

The weight of another body on top – bordered on hysteria at times – and it put extra pressure on old Moanie, that’s for sure.

But, I kept my nerve and followed through as should be expected.

There was a spot of ginger solidarity, too, but let’s not get into too much detail in a family read newspaper.

Let’s just say I could have devoted a whining moan to naming all the Saints of the Eucharist.

It’s sad that some Daily Ranger columnists have chosen to exploit the games for their own ends.

The Unholy Alliance has shamelessly hectored oor Firstminster for the waste of time and money at Wee Scotlander Hoose at Pall Mall – kept empty for reasons of fiscal security.

As comedian Johnnieboy McSwinney wrote in his blog: “Will people get into the ballot box thinking, ‘I’ve waited mare than two year fur whit?, but I was still more moved by Scots Olympians being referred to as Scolymopians?”

Ah think we should be telt. Freedom of Information requests to Sun King Alex of Salmond, Big Parish Cooncil, Bloodyrude, Edinborrow.




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8 responses to “Nationalists deserve a gold medal for their sniping sour attitude

  1. Prophet_Peden

    Why do you waste your time on this rubbish?

  2. There’s plenty of them around as you well know. 🙂

  3. Stuart Winton

    Nice of Joanie to call in.

    Or perhaps Rev Stu? ;0)

  4. Heh

    Joanie blocked me on twitter after this post:

    Absent MSPs should follow Ken Loach’s lead

    I used to tweet the title and link to her good self and Pat Kane once it was written. But I’m blocked now. Clear case of being able to dish it out but not take it.

    Pat’s twitter feed’s still open though, which I kind of admire him for.

    As for Rev Stu – he wouldn’t comment here. Another one that’s good at dishing it out but not being able to take it when it comes back in kind.

    I don’t even think he would pretend comment since he committed the old Stalinesque style switcheroo on the timestamp on his site; concerning the reason for banning me.

    It still tickles me however that HE called ME ‘offensive’.

    He knows he’s a liar, hypocrite etc (wee boy boring stuff which diminishes me, I know 🙂 ). The funny thing is, I can prove it and he knows it.

    Coincidence or magic? You decide!

    Like most ‘Ultimate Cybernats’ – Big mooth, nae troosers.

  5. Stuart Winton

    “As for Rev Stu – he wouldn’t comment here. Another one that’s good at dishing it out but not being able to take it when it comes back in kind.”

    I must be doing something badly wrong on my blog then!!

  6. I take my hat off to you for your patience. When zealots of any particular persuasion start calling me ‘moron’ or ‘unbelievably stupid’ as he called you recently, the gloves come off.

    You on the other hand remain remarkably restrained – almost like a teacher dealing with a child with learning difficulties.

    I take the inference though. So apologies for any sleight incurred – however small or insignificant. 🙂

    No, lieing hypocrites who would go so far as to change a timestamp in order to maintain their sham moral superiority get on my tits.

    He wouldn’t post here because I can provide bona fide evidence, verified by a Microsoft project manager (one of my old mates) that the timestamp on this hilarously Jonathan Aitken like preachologue:
    was indeed changed – one hour forward, two days back.

    Funny, as I write this, it makes me think I’m probably just as bad as him. And I’m probably right. But the one thing I’m not is a moralising liar and hypocrite.

    I’m happy to admit that my blog is made up rubbish written on the hoof. I wonder what his excuse could be.

    As you said about Davidson in your most recent blog – when you look at it in the cold light of day – he’s more pitiable than anything else.


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