Just Say Yes (please) poster #14 – A Tribute to Nuclear alliances

As the West today celebrates the 67th anniversary of the unleashing of the ‘Little Boy’ Weapon of Mass Destruction on Hiroshima, AhDinnaeKen asks: “Just what mega-tonnage of principle are the SNP prepared to drop in order to gain independence?” and “What will the fallout be for those with any political integrity left?”



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2 responses to “Just Say Yes (please) poster #14 – A Tribute to Nuclear alliances

  1. George Laird

    Dear ahdinaeken

    I support NATO and I also support Faslane remaining as nuclear sub facility.

    The SNP should back NATO to the hilt, we live in the real world, a world that relies on a balance of power. If we know anything we know the smaller countries get preyed on by the bigger ones.

    In WW2 the bomb was dropped twice, horrible acts which I am sure President Truman regretted to his dying day. But it can’t be uninvented so we have to acknowledge that fact.

    The SNP rebels can’t have their cake and eat it, for a free world, you have to pay a price, that price is keeping NATO and signing up to nuclear.

    The reality of power is that you have to be prepared to make the big decisions to secure it.

    NATO is the reality of the logic.

    Yours sincerely

    George Laird
    The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

  2. Thankyou George

    I accept your point(s) about NATO to a degree. If it could be separated from Nuclear weapons, I wouldn’t be too bothered.

    But, it’s the ‘First Stike’ capability (not to mention the cost) that bothers me.

    Similar to Moridura, I believe that the subs and Trident won’t ever be removed from Scottish soil.

    The West has already used the obscenity of nuclear weapons in a first strike capability not once but twice before – also referred to by you.

    I wouldn’t want to be a part of that. I don’t think my bleeding heart conscience could stand it.

    I understand the geopolitical Realpolitik of the matter. And yes, after Pandora opened the box it was too late to close it again.

    We might even be bound by the 1958 post war UK/USA agreement – I don’t know.

    But Nuclear as a ‘First Strike’ option rather than as a deterrent is too much, even for me, to stomach.

    So we’ll have to agree to disagree.


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