Choose life! Choose England!

Has the sovereign will of the people spoken in deciding that some Scots subjects are too expensive to let live in peace?

Boredom is a vital problem for the Yes campaigner, since half the sins of mankind are caused by the fear of it. Boredom, after all, is a form of criticism.

By Mono Tony

POLITICAL CANCER sufferers are considering a desperate move to England – to escape two more years of neverendum boredom.

Unionists, sane people, politically disenfranchised and the anti-Scots majority, who have two more years to live under this monotonous subjugation, have been refused drugs which could prolong their patience.

The Scottish Government will not make the myopicreferendi antiscotti drugs available on the NHS, as they have not been deemed vote-effective by the Scottish Negatively Presbyterian (SNP) consortium.

But in England the Government have begged, for the sake of the populace’s sanity, that the sovereign Scots be allowed access to a special ‘early’ Neverendum drug.

Now, anti-Scottish Scots are appealing to High Priestess Auld Nick Sturgeon to convince The Right Honourable Moses Salmond to rethink.

And if their plea is unsuccessful, they could move to England as a last resort.

Hamish McAlpine, a typically anti-Scots Scot, said they looked for alternatives following the Big Scots Cooncil’s decision to inflict Neverendum on the populace.

In many cases, they have halved the political interest in a mostly politically apathetic electorate.

But a Unionist political commentator working for the Quisling mainstream media delivered the crushing news that the ‘Day of Destiny’ would not be called until at least 18 October 2014.

Hamish McAlpine said: “It is very hard tae sit back and see the sovereign people you love suffer. We cannae even afford a drink noo tae droon oot the constant tedious droning thanks tae the High Priestess of Latterday Presbyterianism Auld Nick Sturgeon.”

Last night, Tonyblair Jenkins who runs the Just Say Yes (please) campaign admitted the drugs are not available due to the average Scot being ‘not worth the bother’.

But he added that no exceptions would be made, especially for Quislings, Traitors, Collaborators, Judases, Anti-Scots and sell outs.

Scottish Independence: Who bored who first and who cares


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