Controlling leader nuking party integrity? – Deirdre’s here to help

I’m Deirdre and I’m here to help. With the help of my team of plutocrats, power mongers and rich men with big cheque books, I reply sternly and harshly to any SNP political drone showing signs of frreeeeddddoooommm™ of thought.

We call people who betray us, Judas. In Scotland we call them First Minister

Dear Deirdre

I JOINED the SNP many years ago and was so overtaken with emotion at the idea of my wee beautiful country standing on its own two feet that I became an MSP.

Now my party has been kidnapped by a domineering right wing Tony Blair/Thatcher type leader who, rumour has it, used to be the 79 Group’s Alex Salmond.

I love my country and want it to be free from NATO and Weapons of Mass Destruction.

Imagine my horror when the party I love began briefing that our decades long opposition to an expansionist militaristic ‘first strike’ nuclear weapons alliance was to be reversed.

Now it turns out to be true, despite my belief that it was all due to BBC and mainstream media anti-SNP mischief.

It’s astounding and terrifying that my party is going to reject a core belief and principle in the pursuit of power.

My problem Deirdre is the same problem currently being displayed by many  of my fellow SNP MSPs.

How do we keep up the appearance of ‘right thinking’ individuals when we look and sound like wee cowerin timorous beasties?

Yours for Career security



Deirdre says

It sounds like you have a conscience and your belief in principle is stronger than your lust for power.

Accept that you are weak and then dae whit yer telt by the ANOINTED one. Otherways you’re in for a rough ride and you wouldn’t want to upset the SNP juggernugget now.

Remember that your anointed leader has had to make serious sacrifices to his credibility and integrity. Look at what all those taxpayer lunches have done to his chins for example.

My leaflet “Don’t believe in NATO and Weapons of Mass Destruction – How to keep shtoom while minimising your compromised integrity.” explains where to find understanding and support.

Don’t rely on your conscience. It is false. Your anointed leader discovered that some time ago.

Yours for Alex


MSPs silenced on touchy Nato membership issue



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3 responses to “Controlling leader nuking party integrity? – Deirdre’s here to help

  1. Dan Smith

    My name is little billy hanrahanrahan

  2. I used to be scared of uncertainty; now I get a high out of it.
    Feel free to explain your post(s).


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