A chance to make a fuel of Moanie’s hot air credentials

By Moan McVulpine on Jul 31 Copy arrived on time for a change

GUEST-BLOGGED by Graham Piercing-Insight

IF YOU’VE got a parliamentary job and a sideline column in the Daily Ranger, gas and electricity bills are a scoosh.

For others, the percentage of their disposable income going toward essential fuel bills impoverishes them.

Thanks to the SNPs renewables commitment the cost of energy bills has been driven sky high.

Hurrah for sustainability and growth in difficult economic times!

Scotland is now being seen as a haven for subsidy junky energy firms glad to be able to make a fast and easy buck, all at our expense.

Renewables aw sounds great until you take into consideration the costs and who will ultimately end up paying them – those least able to afford them – most of youse eejits.

Windfarms are ugly, intrusive and are destroying the look of one of the most beautiful wee countries in the world.

But, so what? If it means that the Right Honourable Sun King can blow hard about reaching targets and being green, then it’s a price worth paying for the Drone SNP party.

We are all going to be faced with a difficult choice come the Neverendum in 2014 – eat or heat.

If you think this is a choice worth making for the sake of party rhetoric and political diatribe then Just Say Yes (please).


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2 responses to “A chance to make a fuel of Moanie’s hot air credentials

  1. Barbarian

    Leaving for work this morning, out in the country, in full view of Scotland’s largest windfarm, not a single blade was moving. But it was bloody freezing. Windfarms simply cannot and do not supply the power when they are most needed. Waste of money and resources.

    Better idea, stick Salmond in front of one and let him rant for a bit – should satisfy our energy needs for years to come!

  2. I like that idea. Probably as close to the theory of a perpetual energy machine as you’d get. Just stick a TV camera in front of him and pretend it’s switched on. Could heat Paisley for a year.

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