Labour Party set to be destroyed by independent ‘enemy within’

Slow day at the news desks results in one of many tortuously manufactured stories set to offer hope to independence supporters.

“Is it possible to succeed without any act of betrayal?” – Tonyblair Jenkins

By Demma Gogg

THE SCOTTISH Labouring party is on the verge of spontaneous combustion over independence according to wishful thinking independinistas and cybernats.

A new Facebook page has been opened by a latter day freedom fighting William Wallace type Labourer, Alyin Grogger and it has registered some hits.

According to biased mainstream media and Newsnet reports the site has been visited by 24,000 cybernats and three Labourer activists.

Grogger, a veteran Labouring activist, said there is a real appetite amongst Nationalists and Independence supporters for the story to be more than a silly season damp squib.

He said: “There’s hee haw happening just now, so the Mainstream Media can manufacture a controversy by looking around my madeup Facebook page.

“Once done and accusations are made, they have a ready made story for the next day when official Labourers have to deny that there is a split.

“If nothing happens in the interim, all it takes is a few select phone calls to rent a gob academics, activists and mostly ignored party members to keep the story running.”

According to one made up quote whose source preferred to remain anonymous “Grogger has actually put on a bet with Bet Ladbroke Fred 365 to see how many deluded Nats and Cybernats would be taken in by this story.”

Grogger was last seen counting a large pile of sterling close to Tennents Bar on the Byres Road in Glasgow.

Tonyblair Jenkins the ex-BBC Tristram in charge of the Just Say Yes (please) campaign was last seen getting his knickers in a twist over the breaking news.

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