MacAesops Fables #22 – The Oxen and the Butchers

Our twenty-second Sunday outpouring of sanctimony and self-righteous morality to be taken as seriously as the fable of Wee Eck and the Scolymopians

Neverendum represent’s the slaughter of the electorate, temporarily regarded as sovereign, on as large a scale as possible. – Moan McVulpine

THE OXEN once upon a time sought to destroy the Butchers, who practiced a trade destructive to their race. 
They assembled on a certain day to carry out their purpose, and sharpened their horns for the contest. 
But one of them who was exceedingly old (for many a field had he plowed) thus spoke: 
“These Butchers, it is true, slaughter us, but they do so with skillful hands, and with no unnecessary pain. 
If we get rid of them, we shall fall into the hands of unskillful operators, and thus suffer a double death: for you may be assured, that though all the Butchers should perish, yet will men never want beef.” 

 Analysis: As subtle as a Scolymopian neologism this fable. If the Oxen are the electorate and the butchers are the politicians then the moral of the tale is easy: “Do not be in a hurry to change one evil for another.” Think FOI requests, SWA alcohol price challenges, Murdoch liaisons, thoughtcrime Sectarian bills, the Curriculum of Pure Excellence and non-corroborative prosecutions. Zoinks!

NB: For the deep fried chip on the shooder brigade: Naw, ah’m no saying we’re too wee, blah bore, and blah bore.

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