Putting the blight on whoredom

By Moan McVulpine on Jul 24, too pished even to write 1200 wee white whine lines

Guest blogged by Angel-ov Temperance

SUMMER RECESSES are a challenging time for attention seeking freeloaders like Moan McVulpine.

The next time she says or does something embarrassing there will be no sugar daddy Salmond to bail her out from the party’s ire.

These outbursts all add up, but for some in the party she is just unbearable. All the more difficult given that some still genuinely believe they can gain independence an independent Scotland.

In desperation she is likely to just hit the sauce and shout at the neebors that they’re anti-social behaviour is anti-Scots.

Gone are the days of non-accountability, gibberish, drunken deckchair liaisons, and “touch but only if you’re serious” signs.

Now, there’s lots of room for roaming SNP drones regurgitating the same old mantras of: Nato is Peace, Freedom is Monarchy, Ignorance is SNP Policy.

After a couple of years of this, people are likely to Just Say Yes (please) just to get Moanie to shut up.

Incidentally, the new drink drive limit has recently come into force.

I was just speculating the other day there that maybe Moanie, when she missed her parliamentary question, thought the new legislation was a Drink Dry limit.

Who knows? My heart goes out to her though. Have you seen how expensive Pinot Grigio is when it isnae subsidised by the taxpayer?

Me too.

I’ve got to admit. Much as I love Moanie for her entertainment value, you have to ask, when it comes to crunch time, can the party afford for her to share her lack of political nous with us?



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