Just Say Yes (please) poster #10 – Salmond’s Humour Bypass

We keep being told that Sun King Alex of Salmond is an exceptional politician, head and shoulders above the political herd. So why did he sound like every other wee Shuggy with an inferiority complex and a chip on his shooder the size of the Watford Gap over the infamous Economist Skintland cover? AhDinnaeKen thinks we should be told.

Scottish manufactured outrage sees 1320%
 increase since Declaration of Skintland


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2 responses to “Just Say Yes (please) poster #10 – Salmond’s Humour Bypass

  1. ADK, great use of humour. The Nats have none, in my experience, so it’s a great weapon to use against them

    BTW, what software are you using to create the posters? looks v.g. to me.

  2. Curiously, it is one thing I am constantly surprised about with Nats – they do seem to suffer from the twin blights of humour and irony bypass.

    I find it worrying because I think your typical Scot is naturally humorous.

    Thanks for the compliment re the posters. I use Photoshop with layers so that the basic template remains the same.

    I can knock them up in literally about five or ten minutes, so just about any paint package with layers would do if you’re thinking of doing the same yourself.


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