Rejected referendums face new Government threat

By Moan McVulpine on Jul 17 – Up and at em and ready for lunch

ABANDONED NEVERENDUMS are usually found in terrible condition when they are rescued. The Devo Max and Devo Plus Protection League are just two of the basket cases that dinnae work and probably never will.

Now rejected Neverendum proposals face a new threat. The Scottish Government plans to adopt a Section 30 directive that could allow stray Neverendum voters to be captured and used in opinion polls.

Unfortunately, because the Scottish Firstminster controls everything to do with the consultation, Scotland’s own people cannot stop it happening.

It’s one of the reasons I believe we need to be telt whit’s gaun on – for the Firstminster to talk directly to us.

Until then we need to lobby the Firstminster.

Wan o’ mah pals, Taten Lyle, the got on the list MSP for Whoknowswhere, has put down a motion in the Big Cooncil asking Wee Eck to get on wi’ it.

He has gained cross country support.

Let’s hope The Eck will listen and stop this boring uncertainty.



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