Panel set to poison pen unfair indy poll

Forces of evil prepared to thwart sovereign will of the people at every turn

Politics is the conspiracy of the unproductive but organized against the productive but unorganized. A vote in the referendum is a vote for politics.

By Emancy Pation

A TRIO of traitorous quislings have been hired to devise a “biased” question for the independence vote.

The turncoats were appointed by the Unholy Alliance of Unionist oppression who claim the Nats’ preferred question is perfectly fair and reasonable.

The Troika will be chaired by Dick Dastardly the evil oppressor of the frrrreeeeedddddooooommmmm™ pigeon, who will work with Lord Child Catcher of Chitty Bang Bang and Baron Skeletor of Grayskull.

Scottish Labouring leader Fandabadozie Lament  said: “The question is so insignificant that it must be left in the hands of arch-villains not politicians.

“I am confident we have put together a cabal of dirty rotten scoundrels who will draft a question which will get right up the nose of the Nationalists.”

The final decision on what voters are asked in the referendum will be down to the SNP guardians of self righteous suffrage and emancipation.

Last night a spokesperson for the Right Honourable Sun King Alex of Salmond said the panel was a “despicably cunning plan”.


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