Say Yes to Devo Max? Ex-Nationalists don’t think so.

By Moan McVulpine on Jul 10 Will I have toast? – Just say Yes!

IT’S ONE of life’s great bores. Why would the Nationalists in Scotland prefer to side with the ditherers rather than listen to their own party members?

A poll last week showed 100% of Firstminsters want to have a political career after the Neverendum.

They think the people of Scotland are cringing fearties who just cannae gie up the dummy tit they’ve been sookin for the past 300 years.

They want Scotland to avoid the tedious administrative socio-political trauma of full-on separation. Jist aboot naebudy is listenin tae them.

They are listening to their own political diatribe which is getting as tedious as the epithets and sing songs traded amongst Old Firm fans (hilariously deid noo).

This is not new. When the SNP won the election last year, they shat themsels – noo they wid really huv to caw a referendum raither than jist bleat aboot it.

They suggested six “actions to put the country divisively on hold”. Labourers joined the Tories and Lib Bents in opposing these.

They think that, like Rupert Murdoch, the Right Honourable Sun King Alex of Salmond is not fit to run a sweetie shop.

How long tae voters throughout the country realise this is true.



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