Pro-Independence camp’s self delusion lead jumps 20 points

Self delusion is a necessity of happiness in any right thinking individual. A new poll out today points to the reason why so many Nationalists are inexplicably happy.

Sign of the Times

Sign seen outside referendum polling both for sake of the Nationalists

By Kannyseethe Widfur-Thetrees

PRO-INDEPENDENCE voters are becoming more self deluded according to the latest poll.

A recent snapshot by DNA GSTQ – taken after Andy Murray’s Wimbleflodden flop – puts those for independence 50% more in the pathological denial camp.

Twelve months ago, the gap was smaller due to rampant disaffection within the ranks of traditional Labouring supporters.

The latest poll will intensify the dilemma for anti-Midas touch Sun King Alex of Salmond.

Support for a Section 30 legal fight and Neverendum call-off due to ‘dummies of victimhood’ being spat oot o’ the pram now seems to be the most popular option among ‘right thinking’ Scots.

DNA GSTQ which conducted the face-to-face home interviews with 1000 cringing Scots asked two questions: “Are you too feart to face up to the real responsibilities of frrrrreeeeeeedddddoooommmmm™?” and “Do you like real-life courtroom dramas on the telly?”

On the 2nd question, the majority of Scots including the most severely self deluded, admitted that a guid constitutional court room drama could distract from the lost prize of independence.

These figures have added to the expectation that the Sun King will wrangle a default option of ‘victimhood’ in order to spare his egotistical blushes.

Kristopher Eeyore, Unionist demagogue and head of DNA GSTQ Scotland, said the pro-independence camp would remain set in concrete denial by the latest figures.

He said: “Braveheart Commandos, Keyboard Warriors, Polarised Cybernatterers and Frrrrreeeeeeedddddoooommmmm™ Fighters throughout Alba Dal Riata will completely ignore these figures as they have ignored all the evidence for the best part of the last century.

“Some people just cannae be telt!”


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