Scots going down with Judge Dread

Scottish Government seize on opportunity to ‘stitch up’ miscreants and ingrates without the need for safeguards.

By Itsanin Justice

A TOP judge yesterday claimed Scotland can start dishing out archaic and unfair injustice by getting rid of its “just” laws.

Lord Putemaway called for the biggest shake-up in our centuries-old legal system’s history in an official stitch-up for the Government.

Among his proposals is getting rid of Scotland’s unique safeguard that all evidence must be corroborated. Lord Putemaway argues having to present back up proof is “so yesterday” and may actually protect the innocent from being sent to jail by incompetent Procurator Fiscals.

Crown Office figures reveal more than 450 criminals could have been stitched up last year except for that “pesky corroboration safeguard”.

In 81 per cent of these cases there WOULD have been sufficient evidence cobbled together by policemen with a grudge. IF corroboration was removed, the Scots Polis could collar whoever they felt was “up tae nae gid”.

Lord Putemaway’s Yoorgaundoonyabam Study showed that he has it in for 300 pugilists, 41 weed smokers, 13 beasts and six confirmed misogynists. Every one got away with being disliked by him because he had to corroborate the evidence against them.

Calling for corroboration to be scrapped, Lord Putemeaway said: “It should be abolished for all alleged crimes.

“If you find yourself in front of me then you’re guilty, plain and simple. Why do we have to burden ourselves with the archaic premise of proof?

“Those who back the need for corroboration are inevitably guilty of lilly livered pinko liberalism and have something to hide.”

Pinkos should be jailed for their beliefs says the average Sun reader. And without corroboration that should be much easier.

The Judge said the Badder Ruling – brought in by the corrupt and incompetent UK Supreme Court – and the safeguards that one decision caused should never be repeated.

He added: “There is a need to ensure that the public think we are doing a good job – rising conviction numbers will see to that.”

Putemaway’s recommendations will form the basis of new criminal injustice law.

Justice Secretary Kenny MacNaeskill said: “This review is very welcome. Luk oot onybudy that the Scottish Government disnae take a shine tae – yer gaun doon.”


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