Salmond’s a man with some explaining to do

By Moan McVulpine on Jul 3, Ah’m gonnae huv tae lay aff the sauce

POLITICIAN SUN King Alex of Salmond has to live down being a Devo-Max front man for the Just Say Yes (please) campaign.

That’s embarrassingly feartie enough.

Now the news about ex-BBC Tristrams fiddling ‘One question only’ tunes under his nose piles more humiliation on to the self-adulating Firstminster.

It’s not just the SNP diehards saying this – it’s the Unholy alliance of Tories, Lib-Bents and Labourers.

Writing on the Holyrood Waffler website this year, Jim Sillars, the ex-SNP militant windae brekker said:

The fact is, that having put independence on the back burner for so many years, the SNP has not built up the hard detailed case for that policy nor, therefore, has it engaged in an educational discussion with the people, backed by a robust campaign.”

And who was found asleep at the wheel while Unholy Alliance Unionists screwed the rest of us?

None other than Sun King Alex of Salmond, Firstminster of the Bloodyrude Scottish Parliament.

Now he should tell us what he wants and when.

Quite why he thinks he has the right to escape to America and lecture us from there about how to run our referendum is breathtaking in its arrogance.

Now a partisan inquiry will be held into the Devo Max neverendum fixing. Yet even more embarrassment – is there no end to Salmond’s torture?

He will have to publicly explain his poor judgement in office – yet convince Scots he’s a man worth listening to on economic matters.

A very hard sell, I’d say.

Who are the Scottish Euromillions Lottery winners funding the pro-independent Scotland campaign, Just Say Yes (please)?

Hint: they’re fae Largs.

Just Say Yes (please) will not take donations below £1 million from Euromillions Lottery Winners, as the normal working class can go frack themselves as far as the SNP is concerned.

But Unholly Alliance spokesmen from AwInItTheGither will allow small secret donations from British foreigners. That’s right, bloody British foreigners – it’s just no richt!

That means being bought and sold for pluralist democratic gold.

What’s new about my intolerantly foxy xenophobia?

Nuthin! Get the anti-Scots AwInItTheGithers oot o’ the country. They’re no wanted or needed.




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6 responses to “Salmond’s a man with some explaining to do

  1. George Laird

    Dear Longshanker

    I have stood back from the independence campaign and am political inactive for the SNP because I have been treated disgracefully by the party.

    They won’t win independence because they will not carry working class people.

    Things are now going backwards, lost Glasgow by miles, lose the indy vote and get crushed in Westminster election 2015.

    Given their attitude they will see many SNP MSPs lose their seats in 2016.

    Yours sincerely

    George Laird
    The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

    • George

      I’ve read a fair amount of your blog George and it’s certainly been an education. You know your stuff
      and I appreciate that – it’s a great resource.

      I’m sorry that you’ve been treated badly. You certainly seem like someone who sticks to his principles
      and appear to have suffered for it. I’ve been in a similar circumstance myself some time ago (not politically) and know how
      unpleasant and dispiriting it can all be.

      My main hope regarding the referendum is that Scotland get’s something out of it which will help protect us
      from the the ravages of Tory austerity.


      • George Laird

        Dear Longshanker

        Recently a cybernat said my blog was a shitty badly written and largedly ignored blog.

        I was also contacted by the dispicable Tommy Ball who on his blog is saying I am a racist.

        This is what the SNP is coming to, a nasty poisonous clique which has developed and festered, merit and hard work are completely meaningless.

        People like myself as just seen as the little people to help get them into public office and not to be treated fairly.

        You will see the result of this attitude has already come home to roost in Glasgow.

        And it will in part lead to why independence will be rejected by the people.

        Alex Salmond cannot even defend the democracy in his own party despite being contacted repeatedly.

        He stands in Holyrood and says “my first loyalty is to the people of Scotland”, I am still waiting for him to prove it to me personally.

        Yours sincerely

        George Laird
        The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

  2. Your blog has an alternative perspective George.

    Crucially, it’s critical and doesn’t pull it’s punches.

    I llike that. I’m open to anything that makes sense.

    That’s why I thought it was a toss up between Annabel Goldie
    and Margo MacDonald who was the best debater on the recent
    Big Debate.

    I think there are too many Cybernats out there who do their cause a disservice.

    Some of them claim to be ‘civic’ and ‘progressive’ when they’re anything
    but. I’ve been called a few unpleasant names myself – usually pettier
    than the claims made against you.

    Keep up the good work.

    I hope you you can find something to do with the SNP post 2014.
    They’re going to need people with your ideas, passion and conviction.


    • George Laird

      Dear Longshanker

      Do you know what my problem is?

      I tell people problems, provide the solution and they don’t listen.

      If the SNP had listen to me, they wouldn’t be going backwards on independence.

      To run through some of the sh*t I have had to put up with, at Maryhill & Springburn allegedly branded sexual pervert.

      In Pollok, the offensive clown that is Tommy Ball says the branch were allegedly calling me a racist behind my back and I was also told this by a member in another branch who said the employee of an MSP was also spreading this poison.

      When I complained, it was ignored by Peter Murrell, Chief Excutive of the SNP and husband of Nicola Sturgeon.

      I was failed at candidate selection on a lie, when I asked for the evidence, no reply from SNP HQ.

      When I put in a data subject access request the documents I asked for regarding candidate selection and appeal hearing not included.

      Now I am to be disciplined on a trumped up charge by the National Secretary Wiliiam Henderson who is attempting to brand me homophobic despite campaign for equalmarraige and candidates of the LGBT community.

      Henderson as the complainer is also involved the organisation of the disciplinary process and been in contact with the judge, tell me he knows I have submitted a written statement. Highly unprofessional and unethical.

      It is no surprise to me why the vast majority of SNP members won’t work for these people.

      That is the state of play at present, does this seem like fairness, natural justice, equality and social justice?

      Yours sincerely

      George Laird
      The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

  3. Good luck with the hearing George.

    It sounds like you’ll need it.

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