The Big Debate: Unionist/Nationalist marriage

Sod that BBC keach, AhDinnaeKen looks into the real debate currently splitting the country in two – should Wee Eck and Wee Jimmie Krankie be allowed to marry each other?

A marriage made in heaven or hell? You decide.

A good marriage would be between a blind wife and a deaf husband. I suppose that explains the lack of answers in parliament from the Right Honourable Sun King.

By Livan Letlive

THE UNHOLY Alliance has sparked contoversy after revealing plans to allow Nationalist/Unionist people to marry in democratic churches.

Equalities Minister Vera-Lynne Feathermystones revealed the Government is set to lift a ban on Nat/Unionist civil partnerships in democratic churches – a move which has angered leading politicians.

Under the new plans, Nat/Unionist men and women can take their vows in a democratic church setting provided they have permission.

However, the Parliament of Scotland has drawn out of using their buildings to marry Nat/Unionist couples.

But not all members of the Parliament are against the move. Ex-Nationalist MSP Margo MacDonut, who is the Mother of Independence is in full support of mixed marriages.

Should Nat/Unionist partnerships, introduced in 1999, be taken in Democratic church buildings?


Margo Mac thinks it’s the only way to go. “As there are no plans to force these ‘marriages’ on any political Union in the UK, there will probably be just a few democratic buildings with ‘progressive’ democrats who will look to promote these ceremonies… Live and let live. Move with the times.”


Brian Sootyer. I’m no knight of the realm at all, but the Parliament should stand by what it believes and nobody should be able to go against that. If they don’t believe in different political stance marriages then that’s it.”

Should mixed marriages be allowed in Democracy?

Join the debate now – it’s much more interesting than talking about neverendums.



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11 responses to “The Big Debate: Unionist/Nationalist marriage

  1. Braveheart

    I don’t know what you intended to post here (if anything), but for me the Big Debate last month established that the Nats have no clue on how the “independence” they claim to have coveted since 1928 would work. and last night’s Big Debate took the argument no further forward.

    It was like dancing round the Maypole, with two groups going in opposite directions…a total guddle.

    Two more years of Nationalist spokespersons calling with no answers everybody else “negative”…god save us….

  2. Braveheart

    should read …Two more years of Nationalist spokespersons with no answers calling everybody else “negative”…god save us….

    • I have to confess, I am suffering from fatigue. I was in the audience for the debate. Hyslop was mostly useless, Curran was her usual ‘machine’ politician self, Margo was funny, and probably most honest was Goldie.

      I’m genuinely undecided – though according to the Cybernatterers I’m a Nihilistic Obnoxious Britnat Labour Unionist Englishman – which I interpret as asking questions they find it too hard to answer.

      NB: One of my mates is going back to America tomorrow, so my post for today – the one I contacted you about – will probably be tomorrow.


  3. Stuart Winton

    It’s easy for Margo McDoughnut in a way because she can say whatever she wants rather than what she thinks she has to, and also because she doesn’t actually have to defend anything such as a party’s policies and record.

    Another similar one who gets on my goat these days is Denis Canavan with his crude moralising and soundbites that sound superficially impressive, but it would be good to see him taken to task on some of them, although now that he’s a bigwig in the Yes movement he may well have to do at some point.

    Longshanker, perhaps you’re a bit like me in that since Lenny Henry did his Trevor McDoughnut sketch on Tiswas thirty years ago every McDonald is now a McDoughnut!!

    By the way, and apropos that discussion we were having with Rev Stu about Rupert Murdoch, I added some extracts from a Telegraph article re an FIO request they made looking for evidence that Salmond was supporting the NI bid for BSkyB on ’jobs and investment’ grounds, but the SG couldn’t find any!

  4. I did nearly shout out at Margo during the Big Debate when she said she remembered 1978 and Ally’s Army that I remembered 1979 when she and her prize puffed up turkies voted shoulder to shoulder with Thatcher and inflicted that sado-monetarist blight on the country…

    But hey ho, when you see her shake up close ye cannae help but feel for her.

    Canavan I’ve always had a bit of a soft spot for, but that could easily change.

    You’ve got me banged to rights again about the use of McDonut – we must be around a similar age. 😀

    Cheers for the heads up on the extra comment re: Murdoch. Hardly suprising really. The fact that no SNP person could be found to appear on Newsnight after the bombshell of the James Murdoch emails said it all – actions, words etc.

    Guys like the Rev Stu’s of the world are always going to be in denial over certain aspects of the debate.


    • I’ve met Margo. She’s lovely.

      Longshanker, I fail to understand how you are genuinely undecided….

      All your posts show an understanding of the Nationalist self delusion about “independence” that points to a healthy scepticism about the whole Nat project…???.

      What is it about the “independence” option that attracts you?

      • I’ll probably sound like a Nat to you now Braveheart. But the Union is clearly in need of reform from the ground up.
        That just aint going to happen at present. I used to believe Labour could change things and was glad that my vote contributed in 1997.

        By 1999 I couldn’t believe that a Labour government would introduce tuition fees. And by 2003, well, I still think the Labour party needs to purge itself of all of the overt and covert supporters of the Iraq war. I’ll never forgive Labour unless they publicly flagellate themselves for their hateful mendacity concerning that unjust war. (makes me sound extreme I know, but ask the dead Iraqis about extremes).

        The Lib-Dems and Tories need no explanation – so what viable alternative is there left to vote for?

        I’ve never thought independence stood much of a chance, but I’d like to see some sort of concessions being forced out of Westminster which gives Scotland at least some sort of protection from the ravages of the Tories.

        The point in the Big Debate which made Curran look really bad was the idea that Labour would prefer a UK Tory Government to a Scottish Independent Labour government. It was an interesting dilemma.

        As you’ll know though, I’m no friend of the SNP. Their choice of corporate bedfellows and the silence of their rank and file clearly demonstrates that they’re not to be trusted on just about anything.

        That’s the dilemma. I’ve come to accept that Devo Max/Whatever is probably a no brainer, so in a straight choice I’ll probably be spoiling my ballot paper if the neverendum does indeed come to a vote.

        I just hope Salmond doesn’t further embitter and divide people when he starts to squirm the closer we get to 2014.

    • Stuart Winton

      Yes, Margot’s shaking was very obvious even watching it on TV, don’t know if it was that particular environment that made it more obvious of if it’s getting worse, but I suppose that’s inevitable.

      Certainly hasn’t affected her mental faculties though!

      Did you take part in the debate? Didn’t notice anyone wearing a wig…

      • Stuart

        There was a warm up question – not shown on TV – on Tuition fees, colleges etc. Margo did a good job of warming the audience up. She still has that sneer though, which is about the only thing I truly remember from the 1979 vote of confidence.

        I wasn’t wearing my wig and to my chagrin I bottled it regarding asking questions.

        Brian Taylor is the consumate professional – during the warm up he did warn that whilst the audience was scrupulously balanced he couldn’t guarantee that those given the chance to ask questions would be (other than the specifically chosen questioners – they’re pre-prepared).

        A couple of my friends reckoned the whole thing was SNP loaded. It wasn’t, though it has to be asked why Taylor went back to so many obviously independence sympathetic audience members.

      • Brian Taylor isn’t a Nationalist, but the Beeb was criticised the last time for picking too many pro-union audience members…..

        He probably went back to the Nationalists in the audience because they pushed themselves forward. And they probably pushed themselves forward because they were briefed (I recall at least three/four reading from scripts they, presumably, been given).

        It’s intereresting that, this time, there have been no accusations of bias although, like you, I thought that there was a preponderence of pro-Nat questions and revisits to the same people.

        As I said above, I think the debate didn’t move forward.

        The Nats had their say, which was no more convincing from havng more people put the case than it had been first time round when they claimed they were crowded out.

        Two more years!!!! arghhhhh!!!

  5. Braveheart

    Just out of interest, take a look at this post from Wings Over Scotland:

    I post in the comments as Longshanker:

    Here’s what I said:

    “Unlike you guys, I don’t see the bias of the BBC in the fashion you do. Therefore when the likes of Brian Taylor argues that Sun King Salmond wants a second question on Devo Max, I find it mind boggling that RevStu could find it mind boggling.”

    Here’s what the Rev had to say:

    RevStu says:
    April 22, 2012 at 11:22 am

    “Anyone who thinks Alex Salmond wants a second question has a screw loose, simple as that. He hasn’t spent his entire life campaigning for a parliament with no control of defence, foreign affairs and welfare. This is his one shot at his life’s goal, and he knows he will very likely never get another (whether due to human mortality or the difficulty of winning another Holyrood majority).
    I absolutely guarantee you he has not the slightest desire for an option appearing on the ballot paper which would guarantee independence losing.”

    If you read on from the original post, you’ll see I have a go at the phrase “I absolutely guarantee…”

    The next time this hectoring harridan has a go at you remind him of his absolutism and brainlessness.

    I assume you’ve read this from the Sunday Herald.

    As you probably know, I’ve been banned from his site for being a spamming ‘troll’. I think anyone with any intelligence can work out for themselves his definition of a troll.

    In fact, I think I can absolutely guarantee it.

    I think you should post on his site to remind him of how absolutely wrong he now appears to be.


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