A red-hot time for McAlpine gingers to shut up

A French Proverb states that “redheaded women are either violent  or false, and usually are both.”

By Moan McVulpine on Jun 26, Whine collections are better thegither

WESTMINSTER RULES Bloodyrude Disnae’s latest star, Moan McVulpine is a definite red-head.

Nae wunner the world’s largest sperm donors – men – are refusing to share donations with this ginger’s genes. Prospective parents don’t want anything to do with recessive falsehood.

There is an internet site – onlyagingercancallaginger-ginger.com – which urges the flame haired and the bad tempered to huv a rant at their ‘normal’ oppressors.

Me, ah don’t need it, ah’ve got The Daily Ranger column every Tuesday.

I’ve already nobbed David Brent – I have to admit a couple of bottles of Pinot Grigio at lunchtime have never held me back, though sun loungers can certainly make things interesting (that’s a story for another day however).

But since I’ve been seen more and more in the subsidised canteen I have noticed some derogatory references to my drinking and eating habits.

It’s clearly a mark of Nationalist contempt, because we have more MSPs avoiding asking tabled questions than any other party – 22 per cent of the parliament.

Labour has fewer, but hammers them more.

Potential sperm donors say the ginger gene can still get them there. Titian locks are a cultural mark of witchcraft and carnal voracity and a source of inflamed ego – time for this Scottish ginger to walk tall and shout out loud: “Who’s next boys?”



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