PM: Dalai Lama avoidance scheme is morally wrong

PM gies Firstminster back o’ his haun ower his moral cowardice

Pot calls Kettle black shock

According to the new ethics, virtue is not restrictive but expansive, a sentiment and even an intoxication, said the China drunk Firstminster.

By Simple Ethicsman

DAVID CAMERON last night blasted comedian Alex Salmond – describing his Dalai Lama dodging as “morally wrong”.

The PM said Salmond, exposed for running away from the Tibetan Spritual Leader, was undertaking “straightforward Lama avoidance”.

And he said it was unfair Salmond did not pay his diplomacy tax in the same way as government leaders throughout the world.

Mr Cameron waded into the row after Salmond kept his silence over the controversy, leaving his drone minions to maintain silence also.

Salmond, 59, is thought to be one of several SNP ministers to sign up to the Lama “avoidance at all costs” plan.

The Firstminster funnelled excuses through the phrase used in parliament: “this is a pastoral visit” and later relied on it whenever queried by members of the public.

The scheme enabled SNP dignitaries to come up with excuses ranging from a ‘family bereavement’ to having to stay in to ‘finish off some poached wine pear’.

In an interview with ITV news during his trip to Tacosville for the G1314 summit, the PM said: “I think some of these schemes – and I think particularly of the Alex Salmond scheme – is completely wrong.

“People work hard, believe in human rights, expect others to respect other’s rights, and then Salmond goes and does this.

“Some of these Chinese sponsored schemes are, quite frankly, morally wrong.”

Spokesperson for the SNP Wee Naebudy said: “We tried building dikes of moral courage but we jist coudnae haud back the flood of  fear when the Chinese consul came visiting.”



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4 responses to “PM: Dalai Lama avoidance scheme is morally wrong

  1. Braveheart

    Excellent! Eck obvioulsy terrified they might take back their pandas…

    • Thankyou Braveheart

      I’ll confess to being further disappointed by the craven Firstminster and the silent SNP after this.

      I’m beginning to wonder how much lower they can get.

  2. ‘G1314 summit’ – love it! In fact that would approximate to Scotland’s influence in the world pecking order, never mind the rhetoric about having a seat at the top table, or whatever.

    By the way, meant to say the other day that your ‘Grave’ post didn’t include a reference to the resemblance of Princes Merida to Rebekah Brooks. Of course, everyone else has remarked on the similarity, but I’m sure you could have done a much better job!

    Or were you comparing Merida to Moan McVulpine? Ah dinnae ken!!

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