Dally Lama Mac Ding Dong

Scottish government displays great courage in face of dangerous terrorist insurgent

Who's afraid of the big bad Chinese?

Faced with what is right, to leave it undone shows a lack of courage.- Confucius

By Koh Ersed

THE DALLY Lama fiasco may see him visit three more Scottish cities before he is finally kicked oot o’ the country.

Scotland could be powerless to boot oot the dangerous religous fanatic if the media keep pandering to his weirdo pacifist beliefs.

The Firstminster told MSPs a lucrative trade deal with China means he SHOULD be kicked oot.

And tonight he dismissed the love preacher’s latest wheeze to avoid deportation as a “pastoral tactic”.

The extremist’s deluded followers lodged an appeal with BritNat Imperialist politicians, effectively blocking Scottish Government attempts to extradite him to China.

But Sun King Alex of Salmond insisted the radical agitator had run oot o’ cooncils to visit.

He said: “He’s Done Dee, naebody was In Fur Ness, and he pit the Heid In Burra.

“It’s time he learned the lesson that Scotland isn’t open to religous terrorist fanatics with their message of autonomy,  passive resistance and universal love.”

Lama’s divine advisors claim that politicians at the court of public opinion were right when they ruled in the BBC that the voting public love the Lama.

Its House of Commons will decide whether his public appeal means that the Scottish Government should stop kiddin on that they’re panda-ing to China.

The Lama’s return to logoless Done Dee has been welcomed as a victory for the Chinese consul general.

A bid by the Lama’s divine advisers to have him free to meet the Firstminster was rejected last night by the Special Support for Political Oppression Committee of the Scottish Parliament.



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2 responses to “Dally Lama Mac Ding Dong

  1. daftquine

    Hahaha! Very good. I saw Ms Sturgeon said “Dial-a-Llama” at FMQs. Sad.

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