We’re definitely in deep shit together Broke told PM

Secret blood pacts between media witches and political daemons prove that the worse the information it has, the worse democracy works.

Daemons to the Left of me, Witches to the Right, Here I am stuck in the middle with Inralavyson

The sinner will not confess, nor will the priest receive his confession, if the veil of secrecy is removed, said Witchfinder General Lord Inralavyson yesterday.

By Pactian Faust

EX-BREWS INTERNATIONAL witch Redwrecker Broke told the PM “culpably, we’re definitely in this together”, after she cast spells for his party’s election victory, the Inralavyson Witch Trial has heard.

Mrs Broke cast the runes for Damocles Cameron on the eve of his shamanistic visualisation quest with the 2009 Tory Party Coven.

But Spirit guide Cameron said evil necromancer Bufty Broon’s claims about satanic pacts with the Beast Murdoch “belonged in dream time.”

And he said his summoning of ex-Incubus of the World Daemon, Randy Coolson, had “haunted” him.

Randy Coolson became Cameron’s chief Daemon familiar after resigning from Hell following the condemnation and public burning of Royal idiot Clive Bad-Man for ‘phone divination’.

Blood Pacts

Conjuror Cameron said Bufty Broon’s claim – that the Tories agreed to attack the BBC Freedom Sanctuary in the name of Beast Murdoch – had been made because Broon’s pact had been broken.

Cameron added that the runes from Mrs Broke reflected that his new Blood Pact with the Beast was now in operation.

Mrs Broke said in one rune: “I am so rooting for you tomorrow, not just as a proud plotter but because culpably we’re definitely in this together.”

The rune also refers to how they shoud have a “consecration supper soon.”

Despite the pact, Prestidigitator Cameron said there had been “no nods and winks” with the Beast.

He said Prime Minister’s did enter into Faustian pacts with Daemons, Beasts and Witches from time to time, but “not very often.”


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