Greens see Red at Yes campaign’s No!

The Scottish Greengos last night telt the SNP that they hud been rumbled.

“We have been knocking on the door and the door has not been opened,” said ex-Doorman Patacake Harvie

By Getit Upyes

SHOULDER TO shoulder politics fell on it’s arse last night when the Greengos rumbled the SNP as a “bunch of Blairite style drones.”

Greengo leader Patacake Harvie said he wis “ragin” at other parties exclusion from the SNP’s Just Say Yes (Please) campaign of inclusion.

The Glasgow MSP said: “They wur wantin us to wave Union Jacks an’ poun notes for their ‘More Unionist than the Unionists’  independence campaign.

“That just isnae oor bag. Unlike them, we believe in thinkin fur oorsels.”

The move by the Greengos leaves the Scottish Socialist Party looking compromised by their association with the neo-Liberal ‘left soundin right actin’ SNP.

The Greengos went homeward and have promised ‘tae think again’ in October to see if they and the SNP are ‘still talkin’.

Patacake Harvie said that The Right Honourable Sun King Alex of Salmond had floated some ideas about the Greengos and the SNP working together, but “they  seemed to make as much sense as their policy toward the Monarchy, Europe, Currency and NATO.

“In other words, they were a load of keach.”

It has been stressed by the Greengos that the differences with Just Say Yes (Please) Scotland were to do with organisation.

Mr Harvie said: “Our party members are allowed to think for themselves. The SNP huv tae check with Salmond afore they answer anythin.

“I asked wan o’ them whit colour mah party wis and he said ‘Haud oan tae ah check wi’ Alex.”


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4 responses to “Greens see Red at Yes campaign’s No!

  1. daftquine

    My, my, my you have a way with words. Priceless!

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