BBC claims Nationalists are mentally imbalanced fearties

Imperialist BBC accused of brutish oppression against poor wee stupit Scotland


BBC is biased against nutters

It’s so easy for propaganda to work, and dissent to be mocked
said a slippery SNP drone yesterday.


By Getower Yersels

THE BBC has hit out at the SNP over its BBC Question Time coverage.

Nationalists accused the BBC of ‘planting’ the panel with Unionists, Quislings and traitorous anti-Scots.

But Executive Producer of the BBC’s culturally imperialistic political propaganda show said that the nationalists were just ‘running feart’.

The panel includes the SNPs Edwardian Grotesque Alex Kneel and Hollywood rentboy Alan Ohiamcumming supporting the cause of self righteous determination and freeeedddddooooommmmm!!™

The vile Scots baiting colonialist imperialists are represented by Scots Labouring leader Fandabadozie Lament, Scots Lord Weasel Words Forsyth, Scots Ex-Lib-Dem leader Charlie Daeyeken-eddy, and English Vile Mainstream Media anti-Scots Polemicist Lemonie Phillips.

The BBC have been roundly condemned for imbalance having invited only one raving loony English nutjob, Lemonie Phillips.

SNP senior backbencher Kenneth Dothefunky Gibbon said: “It is inevitable that independence will be discussed on this week’s Question Time, and it would be in our best interests if the BBC invited more English raving anti-Scots polemicists in order to boost our cause.

“In future the BBC should ensure that David Starkey or Kelvin McKenzie get invited on whenever independence is expected to be discussed.”

A Question Time spokesperson said: “This Thursday’s programme in Jocko-Gillieness is a standard anti-Scots Nat biased edition of Question Time, rather than a special programme on self inflicted paranoia.

“We have picked an imbalanced panel reflecting the total paranoid idiocy of the claim that we are anti-independence.”

BBC guidelines say that impartiality “lies at the heart of public service and that’s why everybody hates us and accuses us of bias.”

The Question Time spokesperson added: “Clearly Nationalist independence supporters are too dumb, too blind and too paranoid to get that.”




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4 responses to “BBC claims Nationalists are mentally imbalanced fearties

  1. Warwolf

    You are one sick dude man. I bet the Cybernats love you. 🙂

  2. daftquine

    Very funny. You have very cleverly magnified all the tools the tools use in their attempts to have it all their way. Brilliant!

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