Notorious “anti-Censor” Censors comments in Censorious act of Censorship.

You read it here first. Find out why the editor of Wings Over Scotland, The Rev Stuart Campbell, really is the most laughably ridiculous hypocrite in the Indyref blogosphere.

The worst thing about Wings Over Scotland is the Censorship

If we don’t believe in freedom of expression for people we despise, we don’t believe in it at all. – Noam Chomsky. So what’s Rev. Stu’s excuse?

By Longshanker


See if you can guess who wrote this.

“If a site obsessively controls and censors reader comments, you can invariably take it as a sign of weakness.”

Or this:

“There’s a legitimate case to make for not allowing comments at all, but every time you selectively censor one you simply don’t like you’re admitting that you’re incapable of addressing it honestly.”

Was it?

A) The Rev Stuart Campbell of Wings Over Scotland

B) The Rev Stuart Campbell of Wings Over Scotland


C) The Rev Stuart Campbell of Wings Over Scotland

Correct. It was indeed (D) The Rev Stuart Campbell of Wings Over Scotland pontificating in the illustriously hypocritical pages of his pseudo-politcal blog.

Admittedly though, to avoid violation of the Blog Descriptions Act, it should really be renamed Wings Over Narcissismland. But I digress.

So what, you may ask. The quotes sound highly principled, morally correct and full of well meaning integrity.

And you’d be right.

Unfortunately, Rev Stuart Campbell is none of these things. He does not possess the courage and convictions  alluded to in the piece the quotes are taken from re: Courage and convictions: the state of the Scottish online media and blogosphere posted on April 18, 2012. Read it here:

Why would I make such a reprehensible, outrageous and scurrilous claim  upon one of the most highly self-regarded Guardians of Scotland’s Freedom Fighters: Keyboard Warrior Cultural Fascist Creepy Misogynist Division?

Simples! The subject of censorship.

More specifically, the subject of the Rev’s systematic censorship of my comment posts on his vainglorious pseudo-political website.

See what I posted here.

Where am I going with this?

Good question.

After Wings commenter Appleby’s post – time stamped @ June 3 2012 at 11:14am – in the above piece, I had posted two other comments. One to reply to Appleby and the other to reply to Sue Lyons, whose reply to me I hadn’t initially noticed.

Both posts landed with time stamps of  June 4 2012 at 9:49 am and June 4, 2012 at 10:23 am.

As far as I can tell they were on the site for approximately one hour – and then: and then: and then: (music of twilight zone kicks in) – NOTHING.



What horrendous fate could have happened to these poor little orphan comments?

It has to be said. It has to be stated. It has to be trumpeted.

These poor little orphan comments were:

That’s right. The champion of Freeedddddoooommmm. The harbinger of forthright and robust polemic. The Prince Valiant of the self righteous cause of Independence and free speech censored ME.

ME! A mere Dinnae Ken when it comes to the independence vote.

ME! A ‘hate blinded idiot’ – according to the Rev – the inspiration for the banner profile on this very site.

ME! A Labour supporting, Unionist, anti-Scottish, English, agent provocateur, really really stupid, psychotically insane, poisonous troll (all labels hilariously proffered to me by the Rev or his other commenters for the outrageous audacity  of offering my honest opinion) .

So, taking a little visit back to Rev Stuart Campbell’s wonderfully principled stance on censorship I can only conclude that he is:


His censor sin bin called Discussions of Rev. Stu’s Personality has more of my posts in it for allegedly derailing threads.

Realising that my two posts in the Why Nationalists aren’t Racists blog, had in fact been deleted, I then proceeded to post random quotes on censorship in the censor sin bin.

Every one, without fail, CENSORED.

So the challenge to the self professed professional 44 year old, unmarried, childless, investigative video game journalist is this: Tell me why you deleted the posts.

Was it?


I’m not expecting an answer of course. Hectoring bullies usually wilt in the face of those willing to stand up to them. This  big mouthed culture fascist is no different.

Some evidence:

Who’s the coward? I think we should be told.

The Highly Principled quote adorning the pseudo poltical blog

Don’t ya just love Gandhi? He’d have Stu’s number sussed.

Old Soldiers. I wish they could have seen these quotes ending up as Cannon Fodder

I wonder what Benjamin would have made of Rev Stu’s Declaration of Censorship

How many comments were burned in the incinerator of censorship? Rev Stu should let us know.



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6 responses to “Notorious “anti-Censor” Censors comments in Censorious act of Censorship.

  1. How intriguing that you’ve omitted the post you were actually finally banned for.

  2. Douglas McLellan

    I gave up on him a while ago because of behavior like this.

    • Yeah. I can’t help myself. Should have left him to his narcissism surrounded by feeder sycophants a long time ago.

      When I see a low grade fascist trying to stir up anti-English/Unionist sentiment – the terms are interchangeable on his site – I take umbrage.

      On the balance his site is interesting but his manner, if challenged, is recidivist and a bit off for a 44 year old man/child.

      He clearly is dishonest and hypocritical though. As I hope this rather rambling post demonstrated.

  3. I was enjoying debating with the Rev on twitter, but I made the mistake of referring to the much beloved and highly respected First Minister of Scotland as DL (for Dear Leader), and the Rev promptly blocked me with the response: “@yescotland Too bored of people using fascist-dictator smears at democratically-elected First Minister. Cheerio.”.

    So should you find yourself wishing to extricate yourself from a conversation with the dear Rev, simply drop the phrase ‘DL’ into conversation… 😉

    • He’s a narcissist who so strongly identifies with the Dear Leader that he takes it as a personal insult. So much for his much vaunted and principled stance on censorship. More to be pitied than scolded.


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