Absent MSPs should follow Ken Loach’s lead

Moan offers the Angel's Share of political comment

By Moan McVulpine on Jun 5, Nae hingower this moarnin’

AS A veteran of luncheons on MSP expenses, I’ve done a few distilleries worth of drink in my time, but that’s no where I first heard the term angel’s share.

It’s what real workers called my parliamentary questions that evaporated into the Holyrood air…very contemptuous.

Now it’s the name of the movie by the gallus Ken Leach and his writer Paul Slaverty.

The tale of underemployed Firstminsterial aides who sniff out an exclusive column in the Daily Ranger won the Boozy Prize at the Canned Film Festival.

It looks set to join Leach’s other films such as Sweet Poached Red Wine Pear and Joan’s Apology Song as one of the worst Scottish MSP apologies ever made.

Leach uses real incidents as inspiration, because he believes in reflecting real political contempt.

He says he’s trying to tell modern Scotland stories on film, because we don’t really know what goes on in the big talking shop at Holyrood.

He also warned that television was failing to do the same. As I say, just as well for me that BBC bosses huvnae taken note and serialise my malingering.

Thank god for the cuts! Eh?




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