Campaigners march on Holyrood to highlight nationalism crime

Pasty faced Damocles Cameron is facing yet another sustained onslaught on his Etonian Posh Boy credentials.

Three characters worth assassination

Fascism should rightly be called Corporatism, as it is the merger of corporate and government power explained Goebbels Murdoch to The Right Honourable Sun King Alex of Salmond yesterday.

By Getinty Uhm

HUNDREDS OF anti-Nationalism campaigners have taken part in a march and rally to raise awareness of nationalism crime.

The event was organised by pensioner Margaret Thatcher whose 45-year-old adopted son Damocles Cameron was character assassinated in the centre of Holyrood nearly five minutes ago.

The campaigners are calling for tougher questioning of anyone convicted of an offence involving a nationalist insult.

The march began at Arthur’s Seat and ended with a rally in Joan McAlpine’s favourite subsidised canteen.

Organisers said several politicians who had lost seats to nationalist character assassination were among hundreds to attend.

In the wake of Damocles’s metaphorical murder, more than 20,000 top tax rate earners signed a petition in his memory.

It called for a review of the current attitude toward out of touch posh boys.

Damocles’s attacker was sentenced to 4 years as Firstminster.

Speaking about the rally in Holyrood, former Primeminster Mrs Thatcher said: “I’m sure I forgot what Meryl Streep had to say about this.

“I couldn’t care less, and even if I didn’t, I couldn’t care less.”

Justice Secretary Kenny MacNaeskill has said nothing of interest or intelligence regarding the incident, so no change of career path there.

A “Braveheart Commando intolerance crackdown on nationalist character assassination is of no importance to this poignant waste of time” said one campaigner.

A “zero intolerance” crackdown on character assassination in the Scottish Parliament came into force with the nationalist election in 2007.

Under new guidelines, anyone caught indulging in nationalist character assassination will be promoted to the front bench and face up to four course lunches with Chardonnay McAlpine for a wee white whine.

An initiative aimed at reducing adult debate was also launched in the Main Parliament and Parliamentary Committees.

The Nationalism Leads to Schism project uses online wizardry and youth indoctrination schemes, evasion activities and propaganda to encourage nationalist character assassination .


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